Saturday, August 16, 2008

Photo Frame Templates

Want to know How to create a Product Template? at Zazzle? That link is to the official tutorial. It is actually quite simple once you read the instructions. That isn't always the case, is it? LOL. Personally, I didn't wander around enough to see what a template looks like and so I made a few photo frames that people could customize on their own but have that template label that makes the products look more user-friendly and inviting to potential customers that aren't as comfortable using the Zazzle system to create products and don't even want their own Zazzle store.

But here is a new version of a Photo Frame Magnet for new mothers to show of their new baby. It is a cute baby shower gift. I like the pastel color design.

Their system for makes it very easy for users to add their image to the tempates. With just a few clicks, here we go...

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