Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Lights / Fantasy scene

A pretty Christmas Lights fantasy by jokipeti on Webshots.

Christmas lights / Fantasy scene

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming. My brother is to drive down from the Portland area so there will be plenty to do when the holiday arrives.

Everything well here. Last week my mother had her scheduled surgery. The staff at the hospital expressed that "everything is going to be fine" and to me it seemed their attitude was because this is routine. I felt like saying....

If you want to experience routine, just follow me to work. We don't even need aneasthesiologists to put people to sleep.

Work really does put people to sleep. This man that sits in my row of cubicles disappeared for 45 minutes the other day and someone found him in the restroom taking a nap. I think he zonked out from making too many calls to people that won't answer the phone. Number one excuse the few people that do answer their phone this time of year use is ... Christmas shopping.

Warning: Don't Watch This Video While Eating Starburst

UPDATE: The commercial was removed. It was a Starburst commercial featuring a beluga whale puking up half-digest bits of herring all over this man.

I'm giving this commercial a #1 spot on my list of the stupidest commercials ever made.

There may have been a commercial that topped it, but right now I can't recall.

Half-digested chunks of herring puke. Starburst fruit chews. Yummy.