Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ah Cute...

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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday, and looking forward to a nice Christmas.

I've been still keeping busy away from computer. I was lucky enough to have a five day weekend so as I did last year I had planned to drive over to Colorado. But this year a realtive took ill and that was cancelled. I was disappointed on a variety of levels, one being...

I wanted to get out on the open road and let those horses run.

When I lived in Ketchikan, Alaska (a town on an island) a lot of people called our island/town "the Rock". These people would say they wanted to (or they just had to) get off the Rock.

I never felt that way when I lived in Ketchikan.

Now that I live in Reno I get bored more often. It is strange in a way because I live along a major road in the US just hours away from places like Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. I live in a town where I can go to shows and gamble and do the things that most people take a vacation to do.

I suppose "the island" is a state of mind.

Or in my case "the island" is created by my wallet being more empty than it should! I can't afford to do everything I want when I want to anymore.

I guess that means I need a better job. LOL.