Friday, October 12, 2007


Wow ... so much time since I last posted! Time has a way of slipping away. I had the baby nephews (and their parents of course) in town about the time I disappeared from blog world.

The health issues that hit within my family earlier this summer are better yet surgery is about to be scheduled. When I got that news I started spending more time with family on weekends.

I am missing people here in the blog world! I'll have to hop around this weekend and see what is up after off work tomorrow or later this weekend.

I've hardly been online at all this past month. Except yesterday. I woke up with an ache or two so I stayed home and spent a few hours on the computer. But, I ended up working on a digital art idea that I'd had floating around on my mind for a few weeks. I ended up pleased with the very green results for ... Nebula Cat. (I think I'll diversify and start putting most of the artwork and pictures on that brand new blog.)