Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reno Air Races

airplane, originally uploaded by vendmr.

Last weekend I was posted the YouTube video about the loop-de-loops in the plane and the ice tea that wouldn't spill and shared a story from my past about a plane that quit right after landing.

Well, this week the possiblity of death by plane was certainly the topic of conversation around Reno. So far at the 2007 Reno Air Races there have been three fatal crashes.

Yesterday at work the president was concerned and word started passing through the office that the latest accident killed audience members. I always poke fun at cell phone users, but they sure come in handy in an emergency. The lady behind me had family out at the Air Races when she heard that possiblity all she had to do was call her family's cell phone. What a relief for her. From what I understand, the gossip about audience members being killed was nothing more than pre-newscast worry.

I found this Three Fatal Crashes in Four Days at Reno Air Show blog post at The Lede posing the question about banning air shows.

My thoughts on that subject....

Absolutely not.

Flork Around

Thanks to Jim Bashkin's post Cool site maps literature preferences by author name, I started wandering around (Gnod: The global network of dreams). One of the other sites is (Flork: Meet new people Webwide).

I thought Flork might be a service to sign up for to get the word out about writing and sure enough, just two clics on flork around and I found author Ann Aguirre. It works. It gets the word out. Actually, I've heard of this author's work under the name of Annie Dean. The Web can be a small place.

Moonbow over the Pacific Ocean in Tahiti

I just got home from work (weekend!) and got to wandering as I blogged and found an image of Clouds that look like UFOs at boingboing. Thanks to being on "this side" of the Sierra Nevadas, Reno;s skies are often filled with the most fascinating lenticular clouds (here is a Wikipedia description of lenticular clouds), so I wanted to check out the Google images link in that boingboing post.

That would be how I found the Starry Night Photography site. Surfing through the images I found a Lunar Rainbow - Moonbow.

If I ever knew that there were moonbows, I don't remember today. Up until today, I can see myself inventing moonbows and putting them on some futuristic planet that I wrote about in an effort to be creative. Yet, seems that even in nature everything is already invented!

Unless I move again, I may never seen a moonbow. Rainbows are rare in the desert.

Friday, September 14, 2007

ATCs & Images

Just some links I want to save....

Santa Flamingo - Art-related products from Aisling D'Art - A store with copyright-free and royalty-free images on CDs along with other useful tools for artists. Another one of Aisling D'Art's sites with information on virtual ATCs. is a repository for free public domain photos. The site has posted thousands of of royalty free pictures.
Another way to get paid to blog....

You get paid for displaying the news on your Web site or blog. There are some interesting news stories that even the average blogger would be interested in displayin like the fish bikini story. Below are some sites that use the service. You'd have to have a busy blog to make money as the pay is $4.00 CPM. 1000 visitors accessing the information.

The Great Red Comet (A blog on blogger.) (a newspaper site)

Drivers Wanted

No, I'm not hiring truck drivers....

The new home computer runs Windows Vista and it has not been an easy transition.

Getting the pre-existing and not-that-old scanner-printer combo to work has been a pain.

Windows Vista does have a help section that defines what a driver is and repair or update a driver.

I found another Web site that has been around for about ten years. requires signing up for a free membership. They have received a lot of positive attention as a help site to find drivers for your devices such as:
  • BIOS/Motherboard
  • CD/DVD
  • Digital Camera
  • Displays
  • Game Controller
  • Graphics/Video Adapter
  • Hard Disk Controller
  • Input Devices (mouse, etc.)
  • Modem/ISDN
  • Network Adapter
  • Notebook
  • Printer/Plotter/Multi-Office
  • Removable drive
  • Scanner
  • Sound Card
  • Tape Backup
  • USB

Monday, September 10, 2007

What Scares One Person Amuses Another

My first trip in a small airplane was quite a lot like this video....

Okay, so the plane I was on didn't do a barrel roll, but it sure felt like it at the time.

It was the late '80's and I was commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The commercial opening was about to start and the captain and I were stuck across the Bay from the boat, and it was low tide. Our only hope was to fly. We had chartered this rickety looking plane.

At the beach we wanted off on, the pilot handed be his can of diet Pepsi and told me "don't spill" and then swooped down the bluff banking sharply so he could turn around 180 degrees and landed on a thin strip of uneven ground about 100 yard from an old wreck where the pilot hadn't been successful. (At these point I undoubtedly reminded myself that I had a better chance of being in a car accident than dying on plane, and the plane really wasn't all that rickety looking, and after all ... the pilot of that crashed plane had survived.)

I didn't spill.

I got off the plane and we immediately trudged out into the mud and caught up with the fishing boat. A few days and came back and lo and behold, that same plane was still sitting on the beach right where we'd left it.

Apparently the battery gave out and the plane hadn't started again.

Let me just say that I relied on boat transportation after that.

I found that YouTube video at

Viking queen exhumed to solve mystery

I found this clip about Viking history at clipmarks today from the original Yahoo link.
clipped from

SLAGEN, Norway (Reuters) - Archaeologists exhumed the body of a Viking queen on Monday, hoping to solve a riddle about whether a woman buried with her 1,200 years ago was a servant killed to be a companion into the afterlife.

"We will do DNA tests to try to find out. I don't know of any Viking skeletons that have been analyzed as we plan to do," Egil Mikkelsen, director of Oslo's Museum of Cultural History, told Reuters at the graveside.

A servant might have been the victim of a ritual killing, perhaps her throat slit to accompany her queen to an afterlife in Valhalla. In one Danish Viking grave, for instance, an old man lying by a younger man had been decapitated.

The archaeologists placed a Norwegian 20 crown coin -- dated 2007 and with a picture of the prow of the Oseberg ship on one side -- in the sarcophagus to show any future generations when the grave had been disturbed.

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Viking History

In Viking times meat was prized and poor people ate fish. Servants would have been eating fish. Elk was saved by those who could afford it.

This grave was from 834 and contained an aluminum coffin. Until I read this, I had never considered aluminum as being used until more recently in human history.

Archaelogy Technique

"The archaeologists placed a Norwegian 20 crown coin ... in the sarcophagus to show any future generations when the grave had been disturbed."