Saturday, September 08, 2007

If you are low on cash, no problem -- just print your own!

I had recently found the blog called LifeHacker, where you can find tips about modern life like getting more out of your iPod with "ShrinkMyTunes (that was a link to the original article). The software is available for $39.99. Considering I've only filled about 1 gig on my out-dated iPod, I don't need to take advantage of that tip.

I thought of that blog when I was surfing Hasbro's Monopoly site this evening (trying to get an electronic version to work on the new Windows Vista on the main computer). I found some Monopoly Game Tools that are absolutely necessary for the modern human being.

For example....

When I was about nine I cleaned up the bedroom and somehow managed to lose almost all of my Monopoly money. It was a tragedy of monumental proportions. No one wanted to come and play Monopoly at my house anymore. And when I was nine, about the only thing to do was play Monopoly because the Internet was a way-far-off reality. So I really needed a how-to finding more Monopoly money.

Here were are, thirty years later on the timeline of humanity and I have finally ... FINALLY ... found a solution to my childhood trauma.

If you are low on cash, no problem -- just print your own!

At the Monolopy Game Tools page they have PDF files for each of the denominations (10 bills per page).

You know, they do have Monopoly slot machines. Too bad these aren't compatible with the slots.

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Disclaimer: The money I'm talking about in this post isn't compatible with life (or the Game of Life for that matter). This information is for entertainment purposes only. (I thought I'd cover myself in case before any wannabe counterfeitors try these bills in the soda machine at work.)

Annalee's Early Christmas Wish List: Monopoly® SpongeBob SquarePants™ Edition (they have little yellow pineapple houses rather than green houses).

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Win One Year of Free Tuition

When I was looking for the SpongeBob Monopoly game, I found this contest for college students....'s Tuition & Textbooks Sweepstakes

Deadline: October 6, 2007


• One Grand prize: One year of free tuition, up to $25,000

• 50 Second-place prizes: A $1,000 Gift Certificate for the purchase of textbooks sold by

• 1,000 Third-place prizes: An Gift Certificate for the purchase of one textbook sold by, up to a maximum value of $150

Dawn Patrol

This is what I will not be doing in a few hours. I have to go to work in the morning. It is that time of year again for The Great Reno Balloon Race. This morning (well, Friday) there was a seven-car pile up on the Interstate because people here like to watch them fly about.

My 17-Second YouTube Clip
(not terribly exciting*)

Someone Else's Time Lapse

* I'm seriously considering purchasing QuickTime Pro for Windows because the Apple Store says that I can save the clips from my digital camera to .mpeg format. That way, I could actually edit the videos I take with my Kodak EasyShare with Windows Movie Maker. Anybody out there with experience, I'd appreciate the insight.

Friday, September 07, 2007

T-Shirt Artists

I found a cool Web site called UNEETEE - one day, one artist, one cool shirt.

Artist can get submit their designs and might get picked for voting, or for the One Day Tee option. The One Day Tee option is on sale for 24 hours on the Web site front page, and the T-shirts are all $10. Also, a limited # of designs are features on the Web site for a longer period. Those T-shirts are more expensive.

I thought this poor little kitty design with the clever piranhas was a cute example. And look, for those artists and digital artists that are looking to make money on the Internet this Web site is paying artists hundreds of dollars per design.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thirteen 107-Year-Old "Facts"

Thirteen 107-Year-Old "Facts"

At work today my coworker brought a copy of Why Your Life Sucks by Alan Cohen. I flipped through the pages at lunch time and decided it would be an interesting writing resource. We writers, of course, don't want to create characters that suck. But, we do however want to show flaws. This book is written under ten basic topics (chapters). Each topic is broken down each into examples, a lot of which could be used as a specific flaw when outlining characters..

Reason 1: You give your power away.
Reason 2: You expect life to suck.
Reason 3: You get fooled by appearances.
Reason 4: You waste your energy on things that suck.
Reason 5: You keep trying to prove yourself.
Reason 6: You say "yes" when you mean "no".
Reason 7: You think you have to do it all yourself.
Reason 8: You try to fix other people.
Reason 9: You starve your soul.
Reason 10: You forgot to enjoy the ride.

My Thursday Thirteen was found in the chapter about how people waste their energy on things that suck like ... the past. If you find yourself getting too focused on the past, and no the present, the author gave a list of reasons to be thankful we're living in the 21st Century.

In approximately the year 1900 in the United States....

  1. Only 14% of homes had a bathtub installed. Thank the stars for indoor plumbing!

  2. Most women only washed their hair once a month. The shampoo substitute was typically Borax or egg yolks.

  3. Scotch tape wasn’t invented yet. I can not imagine life without a tape dispenser. Thank the stars for scientific progress. (1900 was the year that escalators were introduced.)

  4. Nearly 1 in 5 homes had at least 1 full-time servant. Presumably their job was to haul the water buckets back and forth to those old-fashioned tubs.

  5. Heroin was available over-the-counter and was advertised to “clear the complexion, gives buoyancy to the mind, regulates the stomach and the bowels, and is, in fact, a perfect guardian of health.”

  6. The population in Las Vegas, Nevada was about 30.

  7. There were 8000 cars, 144 miles of paved road, and the speed limit in cities was 10 mph. This morning I found a driver on I-80 that would have felt right at home.

  8. The average life expectancy was 47 years.

  9. Only 8% of homes had a phone. It cost $11 for a three minute call from Denver to New York. By today’s standards that is $219.

  10. The average wage was .22/hour or $200-$400 a month. If these figures were correct, that means the average person was working 909-1818 hours in the 744 hours that exist in a 31-day month. Talk about multi-tasking.

  11. 95% of births happened at home.

  12. Only 10% of adults could read and write. So, what has changed?

  13. Medical authorities warned that professional seamstresses were becoming sexually aroused by the steady rhythm created by using their sewing machine’s foot pedal. These sex-crazed seamstresses could be calmed down by adding some bromide to their drinking water.

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Along these lines, features some postcards that depicted what people at the dawn of the 20th Century considered the 21st Century would bring.

I postd a clipmark here at 1900 Postcards Predicting the Future of 2000.

This article (1900: A Year in the Life of America) at has some similiar facts to those I found above.

1900 Postcards Predicting the Future of 2000

Along these lines, features some postcards that depicted what people at the dawn of the 20th Century considered the 21st Century would bring. There are many posts on this blog that would prove an interesting jumping point for research that provide a historical look at the future -- as they say, the future that never was.

This post Thursday Thirteen post of mine today is related to Thirteen 107-Year-Old "Facts".

A Quick Stroll on the Water
The Moving Pavement
House-Moving by Train
Televised Outside Broadcasting
Personal Flying Machines
Weather Control Machine
Combined Ship and Railway Locomotive
Undersea Tourist Boats
Roofed Cities
Personal Airships
Summer Holidays at the North Pole
Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sir David Attenborough Step Aside

Okay, so I found another video on YouTube (via Clinical Cases and Images - Blog) that is meant to be humorous and educational, but manages to insult the "big belly people."

This video is meant to be a serious public service announcement by the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation as it talks about the danger of intrabadominal fat. But, somehow spoofing Sir David Attenborough doesn't quite work for me.

Besides, the content isn't an accurate portrayal of what it means to be a big belly person. I'm not at my fittest but I certainly don't sit around and scratch on rocks when I'm at the beach. When I was a bit younger and lived in snow country I went X-C skiing every day. One day I invited one of the "skinny belly people" that didn't exercise every day and she was quite amazed that she was sweating like a stuck pig and couldn't breath after five minutes. As I recall, she wanted to check my pulse to make sure I was still alive. How could it possibly have been that a fat person was more fit than a skinny person?

Ah gee.

Monday, September 03, 2007

So Much Cooler Online

Last week I heard Brad Paisley's Online for the first time. Thanks to Lynda at String Alongs I found the video on YouTube.

This video is posted by the official Brad Paisly YouTube profile and they don't want people to embed. What is up with that?

The video and song are funny, but yet....

Sadly, this video may have been meant to be a humorous. Still it is irritating that our culture as a whole always uses fat people as a warning against on-line dating. Some people probably worry more about talking to a fatty posing as a hottie than running across predators.

One of the creepiest women I've met in a long, long time is one of the "pretty people". She's pretty and thin and a small handful of people at work follow her like a flock. But, she's a real creep. The sheep notice that too. Though, even when she kicks the sheep, give it a week and they're back to following her around again.

She's really not a nice person. She's the mold for being cooler on-line, but she's really someone rational people want to avoid.

Pleo the Dinosaur

I want. I want. I want. Unfortunately Pleo Dinosaur is $349 at (this item will be released on November 1, 2007 and is only available for pre-order). I can think of other uses for $349. But, it sure is a cute little baby dinosaur robot. Maybe if I win the California Lottery.

There is a lot of information on that page about Pleo being an interactive robot pet. Apparently once you own Pleo, you can Users can find training tips and download enhancements to Pleo from

This past week I've started watching the entire six Star Wars movies. I think that some of the sounds Pleo makes are Wookie. You can judge that yourself by going to PleoWorld. It is open right now in another tab and the baby dinosaur sounds are music to my ears.

Pleo might not be available until November, but you'll still find tons of YouTube videos already.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hubble Copyright Info - Hubble Copyright Information - Great Images in NASA has over 1000 high res images.

wikiHow: The How-To Manual That You Can Edit


A Web site where people can edit or create How-to wikis. By the way, I have signed up for a wiki before, and discovered it isn't really that hard to learn how to make wiki pages.

* * *

Honey, why are there fish in the TV?

Isn't that obvious? I converted the old TV into a fish tank today.

Even though the primary purpose of theis wiki Web site isn't for promotion, the TV fish tank page has been read 143,731 times as of today and that probably hasn't hurt traffic to The Age of Aquariams.