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Little Engine That Could - Wooden Train Set

The Little Engine That Could: Original Classic Edition by Watty Piper inspired a US-made toy I saw featured in an article I found on-line after I heard on the news that there are only ten US toy companies left.

Even if there weren't safety issues involved to purchasing toys made in China, I figure buying "local" means saving the environment. China's air quality continues to hit the news. Today's International Herald Tribune headlines that Taiwan's environment minister says Chinese pollution ruining air quality on Taiwan. It seems as if China is working on the pollution issue, but not quickly enough.

There is also the increased transporation factor. Even though big boats only burn about a barrel an hour, a barrel an hour for two+ weeks multiplied by ship after ship after ship burns oil that isn't needed. There is another option. Buy local products.

Little Engine That Could - Wooden Train Set

Product Description

It's the train that's kept rolling since 1…

Danes sorry for looting and pillaging

clipped from MORE than 1200 years ago hordes of bloodthirsty Viking raiders descended on Ireland, pillaging monasteries and massacring the inhabitants.On Wednesday, one of their more mild-mannered descendants stepped ashore to apologise.The Danish Minister for Culture, Brian Mikkelson, who was in Dublin to celebrate the arrival of a replica Norse longboat, apologised for the invasion and destruction inflicted. "In Denmark we are certainly proud of this ship but we are not proud of the damage to the people of Ireland that followed in the footsteps of the Vikings," Mr Mikkelson declared in his welcoming
speech delivered by the River Liffey."But the warmth and friendliness with which you greet us today and the Viking ship show us that, luckily, it has all been
forgiven." The Havhingsten [Sea Stallion] sailed across the North Sea with a crew of 65 men and women in what was …

Native American MIDIs

I have been creating Web pages for many years, and it was that long ago that I found the Native American and New Age music of Elan Michaels. There are MIDIs on his Web site that can be used as background music on Web pages and probably in videos with permission.

Woo Hoo smilie