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A Contest

I was wandering about today and found a digital artist that has created some great templates. There is a contest for a free template that ends soon.

Blog Carnivals

What is a carnival?

* * *

Blog Carnival

Here is a site you can list yours on.

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Found this blog carnival and the advertisement made me smile!

Actually, I found the contests first, Shannon of hosts This giveaway is "over". Individuals might still have their prizes. I surfed a few of the pages.


For the older phone users among you...

When you were growing up, did you ever think they'd make a phone that needed a book to tell you how to use it?

(Note: I think I'd need this book to figure out this phone!)

For the younger phone users...

When I was little, phones looked like this...

Okay, so I am a little younger than that phone. But I did grow up in a town that still had "party lines".

I am old enough that I haven't bought into the cell phone craze. I can't imagine spending nearly $600 just for the iPhone and then spending hours goofing around on it. I'm too cheap and I can waste my time on-line perfectly easily without a phone to help me.

This woman at work bought an iPhone this month and one day she wanted to show us this video on youTube she'd saved. She wandered out halfway through break with the video ready to play but this young kid we work with lost it before it started.

Another man we work with said, "I heard the iPhone is slow."

We sat …

East Vs. West

Warning: Potty Mouth Language

This morning I called a business back East and their computer operator was recorded by a woman with a very heavy accent. To me, it sounded like she said: “If you know your potty’s extension, you can dial it now.”

I imagined an Easterner and Westerner discussing Friday night plans…

Easterner: Are you going to the potty?

Westerner: Huh?

Easterner: The potty. Are you going?

Westerner: Well, no.

Easterner: Ah come on. It’ll be fun.

Westerner: But I don’t really need to go.

Easterner: How could you miss it! It’ll be great.

Westerner: But, I don’t need to use the phone. (At my office, 2 of 3 stalls are filled with cell phone users.)

Mysteries of 3,000-year old kingdom of Jinsha

clipped from Mysteries of 3,000-year old kingdom of Jinsha Beijing, July 24 (Xinhua) A construction site in the western suburbs of Chengdu in China's Sichuan province looked much like any other. It all started when a bulldozer driver heard a scraping sound as his machine hit deep into the ground. He struck a collection of golden, jade and bronze objects.
Workers and passers by snapped up the treasures and scurried off. Those too late to get anything, disgruntled, report the find to the police. And that's how, in February 2001, the world learned about the relics of a mysterious 3,000-year-old Jinsha kingdom in the mountains of southwest China.
'Jinsha culture is unique, quite different from cultures in other parts of China, but is scarcely mentioned by Chinese historians,' said Zhu Zhangyi, a veteran archaeologist in Sichuan and deputy-curator of the Jinsha Museum. 'The harsh geography made it difficult for outsiders to enter the kingdom and so it…

A Movie Day

I brought my nephews (not the twins, the older ones) to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today. It wasn't intentional. I was looking at a month-old "calendar" in the newspaper. I had no reason to believe it didn't make it to the recycle bin a month ago, so I ended up at the theatre looking for Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. It turned out for the best because since the previews were nearly over for HP, we didn't have enough time to spend another $12 on pop corn and pops! They didn't mind until about half-way into the movie when some sucker gave into demands for candy and pop corn from their children and took off for the snack bar. I heard this, "can we have popcorn?" from the general direction of Griffin. I figured I need to train him young that going to the snack bar in the middle of the movie is a waste of time and money. I am not completely heartless. I promised to make them popcorn this evening.As for the movie...The k…

Do You Look Up?

The Pinky Show
Ant: Light Pollution

The ants' perspective of how human beings have forgotten their place in the universe.

* * *

Do you look up?

I do because I've spent most of my life on the edges of civilized society. You know, in the sticks where there is little or no light pollution.

By the way...

Light pollution is very helpful for people (like myself) that own black trucks. At my old apartment in Dillingham, Alaska my truck was impossible to see in my driveway (when there was no snow and/or no moon). After I ran into my truck once evening I ended up being forced to buy a keychain flashlight.