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SOMETHING BLUE is now on sale !!!

SOMETHING BLUE is now on sale !!!

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And to celebrate Babe is running a contest!

~Babe writing as Lyndell King (with halo almost attached!)~
Come enter the competition! Don’t you want to know what a bilby is??? Hehehe

Bayou Summons by Missy Sue Hanson

BAYOU SUMMONS will be available on DARK EDEN PRESS Opening Day, Friday, June 22, 2007!

A warlock whose powers are hidden by the misty bayou. A necromancer who will stop at nothing to control the underworld and the only other who harbors dark gifts similar to his own........a woman who speaks to the dead.

Summer Peters knows paranormal, her life's work is to find it, study it and disprove it. Though, in her heart she secretly hopes to one day find the answers to the puzzling dreams that constantly plague her. Her next assignment is deep in the heart of the steamy bayou, with much more danger to be weary of than the gators that stalk the swamp. Her answers might very well be hidden amidst the fog-ridden town and Cayden, a sexy man with everything to hide might not only show her the answers she longs for, but could also be much more than an annoyingly handsome Cajun.


~Missy Sue Hanson~
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Eyes of Desire by Portia da Costa

Love at first sight?When Megan takes a summer holiday at a country cottage in order to recover from an eye operation, she doesn't expect to encounter a strong, protective stranger in her garden. Even though she can't see him properly, she can still tell that Guy is powerful, charismatic and sexy. Instinctively and instantly attracted to him, can she trust her new friend to bestow some sweet hands-on sensual healing?This story was a quick, steamy little read, and I enjoyed it! Megan's voice is quirky and realistic-I enjoyed being inside her head, experiencing her confusion and increasingly lustful desires. ~ Rhonda Stapleton, Romance Divas ReviewsRead an excerpt
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Beneath and Beyond by Debbie Mumford

Beneath and Beyond


Debbie Mumford

Archaeologist Erin Carstedter is a no-nonsense kind of gal. Her colleagues know, if she can’t examine it with a microscope or define it by scientific method, it doesn’t exist. Erin’s beliefs are about to be tested by the most exciting archaeological find of this (or any other) century. A ruin has been discovered beneath the polar ice cap some fifty miles north of Alert, Canada. What Erin and her colleague, Dr. Matt Davidson, discover in those icy depths will challenge her thinking…and change the world forever.

Publisher:Lavender Isis Press
Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Format: eStory (23 pages)
Buy Beneath and Beyondhere!

I saw Lisa Oliver's Etsy store. The Rabbitz and Unicornz remind me of some fairies I saw at a gift shop last night. (They are different. One set commercially made. The others OOAK. Created by artists on opposite sides of the planet. Still caught my eye that way.)

I found the site looking for fairies. I started collecting fairies in the last few years you see. I have worked with polymer clay before but haven't made any fairies yet. So far I've only made beads and ornaments.

Ilana Yahav - Let's Get Together

Ilana Yahav - Let's Get Together

A Mystical Unicorn

http://www.myunicorn.comA Mystical UnicornOnline Used BookstoreThey have all kinds of romance. They also have a list of author pseudonyms.

UNWRITTEN ROMANCE by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Unwritten Romance
UNWRITTEN ROMANCE by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Sweetheart Rosette
from The Wild Rose Press

Given a second chance at life, Mindy Thomas swallows her fear and decides to tell her boss how she feels about him. Except Jared Salazar misunderstands, thinking she's after a promotion. Mindy uses the interview to ensure Jared understands she wants him, not the position.

excerpt ::


The single word echoed through the receiver, and her soul bubbled over with excitement. The last three days seemed to last a lifetime. Every hour stretched on in slow motion since she’d found a pebble-like growth underneath her arm, endured the biopsy, and waited.


The clinical voice on the phone explained medical technicalities about the type of cyst they’d found, but Mindy Thomas barely paid attention. She’d spent every second of the past three days thinking about what she would do, how she would live, if only she received this reprieve.

The world buzzed around her tiny cubicle at Salazar A…

Sand Fantasy

A YouTube find.

Ilana Yahav is a sand animation artist. She animates scenes to music on a lighted glass table.

Scotland's Castles

Eilean Donan Castle Scotland
Originally uploaded by fotos4web1 Clans & Castles

Walk through the clan chiefs' castles some lovingly restored, some in ruined grandeur on islands or cliff edges; some still family homes, some deserted for six hundred years.... but still full of stories, stories of love and treachery, of clan war and clan heroes, of saints and sinners.

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The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries: The Classic Study of Leprechauns, Pixies, and Other Fairy Spirits

The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries: The Classic Study of Leprechauns, Pixies, and Other Fairy Spirits (Paperback)
by W.Y. Evans Wentz (Author), Terrance McKenna (Introduction)

Book Description
Are fairies real? Folklorists say they are fragments of ancient religious beliefs; occultists call them nature spirits; the peasant tradition says they are fallen angels. Dr. Evans-Wentz, best known for translating The Tibetan Book of the Dead, presents tradition and testimony about an elusive religious order that survives in the natural setting of wild and lonely places. Not satisfied with formal study, he presents first-hand reports of fairies in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany, opening a path to the luminous reality behind the traditions of folklore.

Product Details
Paperback: 568 pages
Publisher: Citadel (December 1, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0806525797
ISBN-13: 978-0806525792

My Secret Life

My Secret Life

Sarah Dickson told me about this diary (adult content). My Secret Life is the diary of a Victorian man who was quite busy in his day. These pages provide graphic examples of language use during that time frame that aren't prim and proper. Victorian Erotica. By the way, the website that hosts it gets 1000 hits a day. Wonder why?

Victorian Web Sites

Victorian Web Sites

This Web page has over one hundred links to Web sites dealing with the Victorian era. Many of them are sites that romance authors would find useful.

The Scrap Album

This Web site is a useful primary resource for researching this era. This Web site has tons of Victorian greeting cards and Lace Paper Valentines. There is a fairyland section with post cards with fairies on them. There are also Christmas cards, and comic Valentines. Many have information about the dates the cards were used, or at least a range of dates.

Anonymous Gamblers

Late one evening, my father was at a poker table at one of Reno's downtown casinos with a retired gentleman that lives up at Lake Tahoe.

The man said that his wife has been getting irritated with him for driving down to Reno and playing poker so he waited until she was asleep and snuck out of the house.

Woman at the poker table: Are you wearing pajamas?

Man: Well sure. I told you. I had to wait until my wife fell asleep.

Free Original Clipart at Designed to a T

Animal Planet Sand Art

Awesome animation of Hungarian artist Ferenc Cakó painting animals with sand!


Originally uploaded by +lyn I found this picture of raindrops on a clear umbrella this morning on the front page of and got to missing northern regions. I enjoy desert living, but somedays all it takes is a picture of a raindrop and my nostrils are wanting to breath moisture-laden air!