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I Think I Need A Tuesday Two

But, wouldn't it be a good exercise for my brain anyway?

The Significance of Thirteen (AKA A 13 Free Think)
Most days I drink 13 cans of Diet Pepsi. (I can't swear to this fact. But, I always seem to be running out of a half-rack and needing 1 more and blaming someone else for drinking the last pop before refilling the fridge.)

My grandmother was a baker. When she was teaching me to bake cinnamon rolls when I was a kid, she told me what a baker's dozen is. (I'm always amazed at the goofy things I remember.)

There is this slot machine that costs 13 credits (or increasing increments of 13 depending on how much you want to lose). It has all these unlucky themes like spilled salt, black cat walking in front of you, and of course 13. It has occurred to me that sticking my money in a slot machine that capitalizes on being unlucky is almost an ... added risk? Hmm...

I've been seeing authors that can list 13 opening lines and so I have been plotting 10 shorts at work so I can a…

Wolf Links
Cosmosmith's wolf pages. (They sell T-shirts, and on their site they have all kinds of links.)