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Canadian Blog Awards

Each year they run a competition.

Wild Nights by Tawny Taylor

If you could be kidnapped by any man...who would it be?

Wonder why Tawny Taylor is asking that question? Her first ebook release of 2007 has just launched, and she's oh so thrilled! Her first book of 2007 is the launch book of a new series: Passion Unbound. The Passion Unbound series is about women who are kidnapped by the heroes in their favorite erotic romance novels.

Wouldn't that be wicked-fun?

Tawny came up with the idea after reading some posts on a reader's loop. So many readers develop feelings for the characters in their fave books. They fall in love with the heroes. They see themselves in the heroines. She wondered what it might be like to make those figurative connections real--to watch someone actually live within her favorite book, to face the heroine's struggles and pain, to fall in love.

Anyway, here's the blurb for the first story, Wild Nights. Note: this book is a menage a trois romance with m/m/f and m/f/m sex scenes.

Passion Unbound

And thus it was fro…

Comedy of Errors

I had to drop my truck off at the shop this morning and hand over the keys. The instructions were...

The check engine light is on but it is running perfectly, and don't worry about the oil because I changed that 100 miles ago.

I'm at work so I had my father fields the calls. It comes a few hours later...

Shop: With this high mileage, we'll be changing a doohicky on the emissions system, the fuel filter, oil, air filter, the spark plugs and wires and (pretty much everything).

Dad: What do you mean, high mileage?

Shop: Just over 89000. (My zip code.)

Dad: I think the truck has just over 48000 miles and I changed the oil the day before yesterday.

Shop: Well, I'll check that out.

An hour later.

Shop: Okay, just the emissions system, and fuel filter.

An hour later.

Shop: Why didn't you tell us the clutch light is on?

Dad: It wasn't. Never has been.

Shop: Well, I'll check that out.

Tomorrow morning ought to be interesting. I get off work too late to have picked it up last …