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Writing in the Margins

Writing in the Margins - is a Cyber Cafe, comprised of an eclectic mix of inspiration and genius; offering support, motivation and inspiration to those who want to write.

Magazines - Offline Advertising

Magazines that offer advertising... possibly online as well as in their magazine.

Gothic Beauty
I haven't looked at Gothic Beauty in the book stores yet. Advertising rates and submission information on their website.

Realms of Fantasy
This magazine I have seen. It focuses on fantasy but all kinds of ads were in it the month I purchases. On their website, no specific information about advertising -- only a person to e-mail for information.

Romantic Times BOOKclub
Here is the advertising page.

House of Dark Delights by Louisa Burton

Otherwise titled...

Erotica vs. erotica?

Mrs. Giggles recently wrote an article ( and said that "we need more sex in romantic eroticas, romanticas, erotic romances, or whatever we call those books published by pretty much nearly every online publisher nowadays". The whole article has ideas I agree with or don't, and was an interesting read mostly because it got me thinking about...

There are different types of erotica, just like there are different kinds of romance. I read the whole spectrum of romance -- from mild romance to carnal erotic romance. I also read erotica and find stories that range from the character-driven erotica to sex-sex-and-more-sex erotica. (I hesitate to call hard-core erotica by the word "smut" because some people would insist that any story that involves more than a chaste peck on the cheek smutty.)

The book I'm reading right now is paranormal erotica -- House of Dark Delights by Louisa Burton.…

Dangerous Tales - Chapter One Now Available

Speaking of free-ebooks, I've started a free installment-delivered e-Book on my website...
Dangerous Tales Futuristic Romance
Rating: Contains mild violence, explicit sex, and graphic language.
When humanity moved off Old Earth, they brought the animals two by two. Thousands of years later, the Inter-Galactic Zoo remains a haven for all life. When a deadly virus threatens the primate populations, Andrew St. Pierre vows the mission will not fail on his watch.

Erica Devlin is a feisty and all-too-sexy wildlife biologist. The host of the galaxy’s most popular wildlife show, she and Dangerous Tales are a thorn in Drew’s proverbial paw. The show’s success brings unwanted attention at exactly the wrong time.

Erica has faced some of the galaxy’s most terrifying predators. But, they’re nothing compared to the monster using the IGZ as a breeding ground for a biological weapon. Can she convince Drew that one of his most trusted colleages is a k…

The Shadow by Shelley Munro

The Shadow by Shelley Munro.

Click here for a Blurb about this story from the author's website.

The Shadow is a great romantic suspense. The heroine is a cat burglar in training (in and around contemporary London), and the hero is a cop (from New Zealand). I love stories about cat burglars and jewel thieves.

And, I do so love those antipodean heros. I had this picture of Russell Crowe in mind during the reading of this book. (I know that is the wrong country! But, what can I say? I'm a RC fan and I got the image going from the author's descriptions, and it stuck.)

I'll admit that I had get out my dictionary to be certain what the author meant by the hero's "antipodean drawl". I guessed it had something to do with New Zealand, but we don't use the term Antipodes here in the US often. According to wikipedia, the term is sometimes used in Britain to describe people of Australia and New Zealand.

I think of the part of the globe that is diametrically opposed to…