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They're a website that showcases romantic fiction. Want a reciprocal link? Here is their info... "AUTHORS: List your site here in the directory FREE OF CHARGE. All we request in return for this service is a link back from your website. Please see our rules page for more details."

Research Links Aplenty

I saw this forum topic by author Vicki M. Taylor.

All kinds of links in there romance authors will find useful.

Hunks on Commercials

Do you want to see a cute commercial from Australia? Here it is on Sherrill Quinn's blog.

Here's another from France...

If they'd aired an American version during the Super Bowl, I wonder what people would have said?

The Habitual Reader

The Habitual Reader

This site is hosted by Komenar Publishing ( They describe the site like this: The website is designed to build a community of fiction-lovers, and features reader profiles, book reviews, favorite community bookstores, and promotional opportunities for authors. Cool logo. I love parrots and macaws.

Thanks to Janet Toombs ( for pointing the way to this one.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Relic Up For Cover of 2006

Immortal LoversThanks to support of readers, Eliza Black's cover for Relic won the APRIL 2006 COVER OF THE MONTH at Erin Aislinn's Web site.

It is already time for voting for BOOK COVER OF THE YEAR 2006. It has been that long!

When you have a moment, stop on by and vote for at:

Anyone who votes (one per person) is eligible to win a copy of the book that wins.

Voting ends on April 15, 2007.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Talons: Seize the Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow

Talons: Seize the Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow. (Last story in the 5-story anthology Talons. If you had this one on your wishlist too, it is still 32% off at Amazon.)


This was a futuristic. I wonder if Michelle Pillow has plans for more stories set in this world. I enjoyed the story, but also the setting.

All the cool covers in this series are visible in a line with this tag ... latest read. (Though they will eventually get buried as I'm keeping track of books I read this year. It is part of my New Years' Resolutions.)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Guest Blogging on the Raven Blog

Michelle M Pillow and Mandy M Roth's Raven blog has a special day called Manic Monday... They accept guest bloggers. Here's the link to the info:

Thoughts on Creativity

I blogged about that article the other day that got me thinking about creativity. Here are a few more thoughts...

It is difficult to come up with new ideas when there are over 500 books a week being published. Since no one keeps track of every idea in every book, how would we ever make sure we weren't duplicating something?

A few months back I was watching the Discovery Channel and a show about saber tooth tigers. I can't recall the show's name, but they had great computer animation that brought these creatures to life. I remember the show mentioning that these creatures lived in North America when the first humans made their way over the land bridge.

Afterwards, I got to thinking about possible shapeshifting saber tooth tiger plots. I also remember thinking the idea was fairly unique. I hadn't seen a paranormal romance with a shapeshifting saber tooth tiger yet. But, I was working on other endeavors so I never actually worked on a story, so the idea never went anywhere. It just sits on my computer and in the recesses of my brain.

This evening I was wandering around at the review site, and found Jordan Summers's Saber-tooth: Phantom Warriors Bk. 2.

Jordan Summer's story involves a hero from another planet. My unwritten idea involved defrosting a saber tooth (though it had occurred to me that Pauly Shore used that idea already).

Imagine that, two people having the same creative idea, yet they go in completely different directions.

Actually, if I ever write that story, that idea really was hatched about thirty years ago. I have been completed fascinated by the idea of frozen prehistoric animals coming to life for that long. I grew up in Alaska, and when I was a kid a friend and I once dug a hole looking for frozen wooly mammoths. I was pretty young, and we gave up long before we even hit the permafrost. But, we did try.

Another friend and I started digging a hole to China one day. My father put the halt on that one when he told we'd have some issues when we hit magma. That magma seemed like a pretty big stumbling block. But, the person/people that thought up this Dodge Nitro commercial saw a way around that problem.

The notion of a "collective conscience" and how we get the ideas we do interests me. I suppose that is why I love reading mythology. It shows what people were thinking about way back, and how it really isn't all that different from what we think now.

There is a story I've always enjoyed from Southeast Alaska in Tlingit mythology about raven bringing water to the people. In the story raven was white, then flew down a chimney to trick the chief that controlled the water into letting the People have it. Raven stayed black. I think that is a metaphor for a storm. Darkening clouds bring rain.

It wasn't that story that taught me that dark clouds signal rain. In fact, I remember that was one of the ideas I figured out independent of human intervention. It was one of my early childhood questions. I was about five when I asked ... Dad, how come clouds get darker before it rains?

There are some things a lot of us think about all by ourselves. I think that is a sign the human mind is creative, not a sign that we copy other people.

Talons: Caged Desire by Syndey Somers

Talons: Caged Desire by Sydney Somers. (Fourth story in the 5-story anthology Talons. If you had this one on your wishlist too, it is still 32% off at Amazon.)


This story had a vampire heroine to match the eagle-shifting hero. I enjoyed their wit. It was a hot story, but also sweet. Of all the heros in this anthology, he's been the one I've been pulling for the most. If you've read the blurb you know he was locked in a cage for fifty years. If ever a hero needed a loving heroine....

BiblioTravel - for books that take you away...

Do you like reading by setting? Have you ever read a book set in your hometown?

This is a website where anyone can enter information about books they've read, and they're categorized by setting.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Visa

I need a new night shirt, so I was wandering around I don't think I'll get this one, but it fits my theme. I do love futuristic themed things, and I use my Visa almost as often as my casino comp card. LOL.

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