Saturday, September 08, 2007

If you are low on cash, no problem -- just print your own!

I had recently found the blog called LifeHacker, where you can find tips about modern life like getting more out of your iPod with "ShrinkMyTunes (that was a link to the original article). The software is available for $39.99. Considering I've only filled about 1 gig on my out-dated iPod, I don't need to take advantage of that tip.

I thought of that blog when I was surfing Hasbro's Monopoly site this evening (trying to get an electronic version to work on the new Windows Vista on the main computer). I found some Monopoly Game Tools that are absolutely necessary for the modern human being.

For example....

When I was about nine I cleaned up the bedroom and somehow managed to lose almost all of my Monopoly money. It was a tragedy of monumental proportions. No one wanted to come and play Monopoly at my house anymore. And when I was nine, about the only thing to do was play Monopoly because the Internet was a way-far-off reality. So I really needed a how-to finding more Monopoly money.

Here were are, thirty years later on the timeline of humanity and I have finally ... FINALLY ... found a solution to my childhood trauma.

If you are low on cash, no problem -- just print your own!

At the Monolopy Game Tools page they have PDF files for each of the denominations (10 bills per page).

You know, they do have Monopoly slot machines. Too bad these aren't compatible with the slots.

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Disclaimer: The money I'm talking about in this post isn't compatible with life (or the Game of Life for that matter). This information is for entertainment purposes only. (I thought I'd cover myself in case before any wannabe counterfeitors try these bills in the soda machine at work.)

Annalee's Early Christmas Wish List: Monopoly® SpongeBob SquarePants™ Edition (they have little yellow pineapple houses rather than green houses).

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