Sunday, April 15, 2007

Paying Our Due

The other night I was passing through the living room and saw part of a nightly news segment on how easy it is to cheat the IRS, in fact, easier than cheating credit card companies. They were interviewing a man (that had been caught) regarding how he’d managed. My first thoughts were ... it can’t be that easy. I call hundreds of credit card cheaters each and every day and they aren’t in jail, but they’re at home hanging up on me.

Later in the week, the second installment in the nightly news showing how some criminals try to cheat the IRS. This segement was about taking advantage of some phone deduction – and that there aren’t enough IRS agents to audit everyone that is doing it. Again, I saw some discrepancies in this report. One would assume there are enough IRS agents to find some of the people doing this. After all, the news had a story to tell about one person that had claimed thousands. Reporting thousands illegally on a tax return isn't just criminal ... it is stupid. Yet, they didn't bring that up on the nightly news. Do you think they noticed that person was stupid?

Just when I was thinking that the nightly news would not be interviewing any of the millions of Americans that don’t mind funding the country that we live in....

Stop the presses.

They did.

They interviewed an illegal alien from Central America. Her face was blurred and her name not shared. But, she admits to filing because she recognizes that the better life she came her looking for is funded by the America tax payer.