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Touch of the Beast by Tawny Taylor

I saw this over on Romance Divas and I am definitely going to add this one to the wish list. I haven't read it yet, but it is an erotic romance about shapeshifters in Alaska. That would be a topic I enjoy.

If I was in super-blogger mode right now, I'd tell you about the real life shapeshifter story along the Nushagak in Bristol Bay. But that will have to wait.

Touch of the Beast released Wednesday, Oct. 25...

(Book #2 of the Animal Urges series)

A shapeshifter erotic romance by Tawny taylor

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Katie Spenser is looking forward to some R-and-R with her best friend Abby when she makes the loooong trip from Chicago to Alaska. Unfortunately, rest and relaxation are not what she gets. Intead it's:

A missing best friend...
Men who turn into bears...
Bad guys shooting guns.

The only part of Katie’s so-called vacation that’s pleasant is Raul Zant. She simply cannot resist a guy so sexually …

I Really Had A Good Laugh This Evening

Oh goodness.

I heard a tidbit on the news today linking the fattening of America to an extra $1 billion in gas burned in our vehicles annually.

I must warn you that if you found my blog while researching the Web for facts on gas consumption for a scholarly piece of work, move on! I didn’t get a firm grip on the “facts” because I was just passing through on the way to the kitchen to eat more food. You know, being a fat American, we eat plenty.

But I did stop my quest for dinner long enough to stand in front of the TV and laugh.

How could someone possibly link such an insignificant gain in use of fuel in America to the weight of the drivers? After all, $1 billion dollars is penny anty.

Logic? Were they using logic? Was their logic based on the notion that vehicles carrying heavier loads use more gas? Had to be. If so, it does make sense that the skinnier the driver, the better gas mileage their car will get. I figure they can't have facts to back this up because no “study” could possib…

Reading Throughts

I feel like I slept in today. I didn’t really. I was up at a decent enough hour but all I’ve done so far is finish the rest of Sasha White’sBound. Not that often I read a book in a few sittings.

It’s an erotic romance that involves dominant/submissive roles. A good deal of the erotic romance that involves BDSM (that I’ve run across) might be heated, but I can’t really identify with the characters or situation they’re in. Most of what I read is paranormal or futuristic and involves completely fantastical situations. Fun to read about a dominant vampire hero, but not something I really have to worry about running up against in real life. And if there is a BDSM club in a story, I might be fascinated by the idea but I can’t see myself participating in a real-life situation.

I could identify with Katie Long in Bound because the story was really about two people experimenting with their fantasies. There might be the one scene in a BDSM club, but the rest of the story is about how the hero and…

Thrift Store Blues

Writers. Just to warn you, this is a depressing post. Yet hopeful toward the end. Yesterday I went to the Salvation Army. It was in the book section. I found author copies on the shelves. Whoever dumped them left an invoice inside one and the copyright matched. From what I can see she wrote under two names and had at least 5 books published. Under the “romance” name she wrote those historical romance sagas that follow a female character, but the heroine sleeps with other men. Like Rosemary Roger’s books. The longest is 1018 pages long! Wow. When I found them, I was fascinated. Yet, at the same time my thoughts revolved around the idea the books are now junk. At what point do we dump our “babies” off at the Salvation Army thrift store? At what point does it stop being important that our dreams were realized and we give away good, unread copies of irreplaceable books? Maybe it wasn’t her. Maybe it was family or friends or landlord after she passed away. No matter the reason, I was sadde…