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The Cuties, Work Stuff and Reading

Haven't stopped into WWW-land for a while now. While I've been gone my nephews came into the world early. Now they're ten days old and all is well. Together they still weigh less than I did when I was born! But their cuter than I was, so things even out in the end. ;) Do I sound like an aunt, or what?

Been working. I got a little insight into how people really do watch the news and let it change their opinions. Imagine that! The other night one of the networks was kind enough to have a segment that basically said that private debt collectors would be worse than the IRS when it came to collecting, and in general comparing us to criminals. Starting the next morning the incidence of trouble from the other end of the line rose drastically. Usually I get about 1 person a week cuss the blue streak, since that news hit I've had about 10 a day. Even got a mild threat of bodily harm. It wasn't anything that graphic, but I'll skip the details. After I hung up I thought &q…