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Looking around and saw Sherrill's post about how Characters Should Have Jobs. It's funny she should bring this up. The past week or so I've had an idea swirling around in my mind about my job and finding a way to make it work for a romance. As you might remember my new day job is debt collection. I got to thinking that I've never read a book where the hero or heroine was a debt collector. In fiction, it is the antagonist that tends to have that position. Really, that makes sense. The job isn't that exciting and tends to irritate more people than it pleases.

Then I considered that front line repossession can get interesting. Repo men and bounty hunters show up in fiction all the time, and often for the purpose of debt collection. So I started to think more along the lines of front line debt collection in my story.

Since my story is going to be a futuristic, at first I thought I'd have the debt-collecting heroine repossess the hero's star cruiser. But then I th…

Researching Scotland on the WWW

I'm breaking this post up slowly but surely into different posts. That is why it got moved forward....

Below is a list of links about researching Scotland on the WWW, as well as some authors that write romance set in Scotland and their books. If you'd like to exchange links or add anything to this list, write me at annalee @

~ Annalee Blysse

General Resources

Here are some of the websites I’ve found with interesting how-to articles on Scotland.


Jaclyn’s Adventures in Scotland

This website. I’ve linked to several of their articles that I found helpful.


Yahoo! UK & Ireland


The Internet Guide to Scotland

Largely based on Joanne Mackenzie Winters' personal travels, this 80,000 word guide contains details on transport, sightseeing, activities and accommodation throughout Scotland with particular emphasis on the Highlands and Islands.

Loch Lomond


Scottish F…