Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mental Doodling? Or Psychic Training?

I find moments of coincidence when I’m at work, and today was one of those days I noticed it several times. It might be that I have little better to do with my time at work expect notice the coincidences. I call debtors all day and because days can pass without any one paying their debts, lets just say the job can be somewhat tedious. So if no one is answering their phone, I have to entertain myself in a way that doesn’t distract from the output of calls I’m making. Psychic training does the trick. Perhaps I am getting in touch with skills untested in my brain. Maybe I’m just doodling mentally.

On Monday at work I called an Annalee. I started thinking about other writers that I know with unique names, and told myself I haven’t called a Bernadette yet. Tuesday morning I called a Bernadette. Even noticing is what I consider mental doodling. But... isn’t that a strange coincidence?

One project I've been working on is for a mail order catalog. I got to thinking that I haven't called anyone in rural Alaska yet and wasn't that interesting people tons of people in Alaska have are customers of this catalog. Today I finally called someone in a village.

At work today the man in the cubicle next to me was noticing the difference between NEVADA and CANADA in that President Bush doesn’t mispronounce the later. He went on break then and a few moments later one of the debtors had moved to Canada. Another bit of coincidence.

Then lunch came and some of the coworkers and I were sharing dog sayings like... “Can’t run with the big dogs if you pee like a puppy.” Not fifteen minutes after I returned from lunch and one of the answering machines had a dog saying. Just in case any of you are this debtors friend or relative, I better now share the saying I heard. But what a bit of coincidence.

Many days we call the debtors in “monetary order”. One day I got into a string of people who owed $666.45 then $666.34 and so forth. I thought how freaky it would be to have a debt of $666.00. In the last three months I’ve probably called about six people that owed $XX.00 amount. The very next person I called was one of those 6 people. They owed $666.00 even. If I was so inclined to remain in debt for years on end without paying, I’d at least get the debt off the $666.00 mark. I’m just a little superstitious.

Anyway, it isn't just fiction that has instances of fantastic coincidence. :)