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Mental Doodling? Or Psychic Training?

I find moments of coincidence when I’m at work, and today was one of those days I noticed it several times. It might be that I have little better to do with my time at work expect notice the coincidences. I call debtors all day and because days can pass without any one paying their debts, lets just say the job can be somewhat tedious. So if no one is answering their phone, I have to entertain myself in a way that doesn’t distract from the output of calls I’m making. Psychic training does the trick. Perhaps I am getting in touch with skills untested in my brain. Maybe I’m just doodling mentally.

On Monday at work I called an Annalee. I started thinking about other writers that I know with unique names, and told myself I haven’t called a Bernadette yet. Tuesday morning I called a Bernadette. Even noticing is what I consider mental doodling. But... isn’t that a strange coincidence?

One project I've been working on is for a mail order catalog. I got to thinking that I haven't called…