Friday, June 09, 2006

Starlit Destiny's Print Cover

I did check my e-mail this week and this is what I found...

Starlit Destiny
Available from New Concepts Publishing

Actually I've been checking my snail mail for my copies of Starlit Destiny to arrive. They shouldn't be yet! But I've been checking anyway.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Aurora's Passion

I got a chance to read Bebe Thomas's debut short story Aurora's Passion at Freya's Bower. I first caught sight of the cover over at Romance Divas. Isn't this a great cover? I love the colors and the style, everything about it.

When I first found it, I was interested in the short story for personal reasons, and reading it was a pleasure. It's a sweet story with some sex sure to heat up a cool evening night! I enjoyed the theme of the heroine Kris going home again after her time spent in the big city.

Here is a blurb:
Kris Anderssen is having a bad week. She lost her dream job and her lover on the same day and is in danger of losing her swanky New York apartment. She's regrouping by spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Aurora, her hometown. It's anything but relaxing. Her grandmother won't stop talking about the Northern Lights, the goddess Freya, and Norwegian folklore. Plus, Kris is more conflicted than ever, finding herself caught in a love triangle between her hot former boyfriend and her sexy best friend. She has feelings for each man; how can she possibly choose between them?
To find links to excerpt here is the author's blog post about the books release.

On to the personal reasons I enjoyed this story. I love finding stories that spark my interests.

I'm part Norwegian so reading Aurora's Passion brought to mind the culture I don't get to spend that much time in anymore. I could hear the words said in Norwegian, and it made me miss family or friends. I don't get to see that side of my family often. We're having a family reunion this summer in North Dakota but I can't go because of the new job and having no leave. I also lived near Petersburg and got the chance to travel there a lot when I lived in SE Alaska. Anyway, reading this story made me crave lefse!

If you've read any of my stories you know I'm fascinated by folklore too, and so I enjoy finding stories like Aurora's Passion that have themes involving mythology. I tend to reinvent the mythologies and create other planets, but this is a great interest of mine.

Starlit Destiny has Lithuanian mermaid mythology as a theme. Actually, the aurora takes a part too. The heroine's planet Lyask has an intelligent energy that surrounds it, Zyalla. It can be seen visually through the aurora. "Above her, a majestic dance of violet light swirled across the star-studded sky. The calming aurora brought good tidings, a visual reminder of the energy that surrounded and protected Lyask. As she’d been taught, she paused a moment in reverence." (At one time this sentence used the Norwegian word Nordlys.)

Lord of the Night takes great liberties with ideas I found in Mayan mythology. That story doesn't bring up the aurora in but currently the first sentence in chapter one of the follow-up reads... The heroine "leaned back in the outdoor hot tub and watched a magnificent display of Northern Lights through the haze. She could almost hear the snap in the air as a huge swath of green light danced across the night skies."

The secondary character Simeon in Never A Sunset is based on Inuit mythology. It isn't described in my short story though. In Inupiaq, silam inua means "spirit of the world" or the "Universe" and sometimes referred to the Northern Lights. Even though they've also got a saying sila ersinarsinivdluge meaning “be not afraid of the universe”, there are some stories equating the nights when the Northern Lights turn red as a night something akin to a spirit monster would reign terror across the north. Blood red skies at night. That is the secondary character Simeon - Silam Inua. He's been a vampire for millenia on the nothern tundra. Vampires are great liberties... but fun.

Anyway, I enjoyed finding aurora mythology in Bebe's short story. Besides making me want to read more Norse mythology, this story makes me want to go find Mr. Right under the Northern Lights.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

4 1/2 Moons for Relic!

Mystique Books

4 1/2 Moons: "In RELIC we have: Pagan gods and ancient rites; shapeshifters and ghosts; and also—well, I can’t tell you that without spoiling the story! Some things just have to be experienced to be appreciated."

~ Brenda Thatcher, Mystique Book Reviews

Movie Time

Do you like those kind of visual puzzle games?

I saw this wallpaper from today on myspace in a bulletin. Somebody started a bulletin to repost where everyone adds a new answer. But the problem with those bulletins is that I'll never see the end results. I've been trying to figure out some of the clues this afternoon. Some are easy like... The Fly. But some are not so simple.

Here is your mission (this message won't self-destruct in five seconds). Help me! Tell me movies you find in the puzzle.

And speaking of movies...

Last night I finally went to see X-Men: The Last Stand. I didn't like it quite as much as X-men and X2. It was a fine movie, with great special effects. I'm the one with the problem, not the movie. If they'd have asked me, I would have suggested that they find a way that Wolverine got the girl. That's all. (What do you expect? I write futuristic and paranormal romances!)

Well, there was another problem. This includes a bit of a spoiler, so if you haven't seen it yet be warned. The main span of the Golden Gate is about 4,200 feet, and Alcatraz is about 6,600 feet off shore. I remember the mile and a quarter because I watched a lot of movies about criminals breaking out of Alcatraz, and I remember Golden Gate isn't over a mile in length once you get on the main span because I've driven over it a few times. The night I took this shot of San Francisco I got a really cool one of the Golden Gate. I was in a park right above the bridge on the headlands.

Anyway, I told someone this bothered me and they said... yet the idea that Magneto can move metal to begin with doesn't bother you? I can't help it though. I can suspend disbelief for paranormal stuff. I loved the stuff like the man with wings soaring over San Francisco. And I laughed when Juggernaut pulld the Mike Meyer's Fat Bastard imitations. But, as soon as someone tries to span mile and a quarter with three-quarters of a mile and I get distracted.