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Leave Well Enough Alone

Many times throughout my life I’ve asked my grandparents generation about changes they’ve seen. We’ve agreed we’re thankful for the comforts of modern living. But somewhere in the last one hundred years we’ve about topped off one what we need for comfort. We’re all invented out. That isn’t my theory. Some think tank dude said it on some show I watched. He said scientists have invented just about everything and from now on we’ll just be reinventing the wheel. From what I can see, some times the change makes little sense. I’m not going to talk about the big changes in our lives today... but the small and mostly insignificant! LOL.

I’ve been using the same antiperspirant (ban®) for twenty-plus years because it’s about the only brand I am not allergic too. Long, long ago they added scent and I had to stop using it. That decision must have drastically changed their bottom line immediately because within a short time they then had scented and original. Then it didn’t change for a long time …

Relic ~ April Cover of the Month!

Relic @ NCP

Relic ~ April Cover of the Month!

Eliza Black's cover Relic won April Book Cover of the Month at Erin Aislinn's website. Thanks to everyone for their support! BookCoveroftheMonth.htm

~ Annalee Blysse

Slip Into Something Victorian Blog
Slip Into Something Victorian Blog


My First Novel Released In Print!

Starlit Destiny was released in print. For those who have been asking where to buy my books, New Concepts Publishing offers their print books at a discount from retail. I have included the ISBN numbers so they can be ordered at bookstores or from, though Starlit Destiny will be in bookstores later in June 2006. NOTE: When ordering a copy from NCP, make sure to check out front page at NCP website for the latest information about expected shipment times.

Starlit Destiny by Annalee Blysse (Futuristic Romance)

Dena is determined to stop Krys from delivering the weapons that will destroy her world, but her heart insists that her destiny is at his side. With her world hanging in the balance, how can she follow when everything she trusts is wrong?

Sensuality: SENSUAL

Trade Paperback ISBN 1-58608-749-5

Buy link and excerpt are at:

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