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Killer Pesto

I am just bookmarking a recipe I want to try. There was a restaurant in Ketchikan, Alaska called Polar Treats that made the best turkey pesto wraps, and I've been thinking I want to try to make them myself now that I don't live there. If I get motivated to go back to the grocery store this weekend, I think I'll try this pesto with them.

Kit Wylde's Romantic Notions.

Changing Themes?

I was thinking about songs fitting into cultural ideals. When I was a child (or younger) there were a lot of country and folk-style songs with the general theme of one lover that went off to the big time and left the one they wanted at home alone waiting for them.

There was Dan Seals rodeo song “Everything that Glitters Isn’t Gold”. I have it on my WMP because it is one of my favorite songs. I’ve hard a version of that sung by a Hawaiian artist and I love it but I can’t recall the name of the guy. If anyone knows who it is... tell me... please!

Every body said you’d make it big someday,
And I guess that we were only in your way.
But someday I’m sure, you’re gonna know the cost.
Cause for everything you win there is something lost.

But oh sometimes I think about you,
and the way you used to ride out
with your rhinestones and your sequins and the sunlight on your hair
and though the crowd may always love you
as for me I’ve come to know everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Then there is “P…

Book Talk

In Enemy Hands by Michelle Perry is a thrilling romantic suspense. I think this book would make a great movie because it is full of action sequences and is also a great love story. The chemistry between Dante and Nadia was there from the start. I really liked the humorous dialogue between these two. After Dante delivered Nadia into "enemy hands", I kept rooting for their safety but also that they'd reach that happily-ever-after and absolutely loved the final scenes that show this happening. I was also got a bit of an adrenaline rush from reading some of the scenes in this story. I won't include any spoilers about those scenes as that would take away the surprises Michelle Perry included in her story. But I'd like to! Hard not to talk about a book without talking about those! I'll tease you though... there is a scene that reminds of something out of Point Break and it isn't surfing.

It is my story that has surfing in it (Lord of the Night in Relic). If you …

Got Soda?

I saw this picture on myspace and got a great laugh.

Free Myspace Funny Pictures