Saturday, April 15, 2006

Immortal Lovers Released!

Immortal Lovers
Now Available
From New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal Romance

Trade Paperback
ISBN: 1-58608-743-6

* * *

One kiss is all it takes to fall under their immortal seduction....

Never A Sunset by Annalee Blysse

When opportunity knocks--flee. Victrina does, but a blood oath can not be broken--even in a land where the sun never sets.

Fresh Blood by Jennifer Colgan

One life in exchange for another. Will Erica Talbot give her body, her mind and her soul to a vampire to save her sister one last time?

Eternity by Marie Morin

Emily Hendricks has realized a dream--she's just bought a tiny Scottish castle, lock, stock and barrel. Unfortunately, it also came complete with one coffin and one vampire who overslept by 200 years and is laboring under the mistaken belief that the castle is his.