Monday, April 03, 2006

Relic Cover of the Week

News is that Relic is the Book Cover of the Week at Erin Aislinn's site. Voting will be in May. Check out April's voting if you have a moment.

Things have been creeping up on me. I was thinking about how time is going by so fast. Feels that way because I haven't written much over the past few weeks and I really wanted to finish an idea I had by a deadline of next week for a special anthology project. I can't see myself finishing and editing the novella in a few hours each night and the weekend. I could still try, but might just have to submit it some other time.

I got off work and went and met some old friends of the family who are visiting from Illinois and I'm ready to read a little and crash, not write. Had a nice dinner, but even better ... a hunk of a waiter winked at me and I nearly swooned. This is the kind of stuff that inspires writing! LOL.

Ah gee, see... I'm repeating myself. Did I mentioned I'm tired? Sometimes it takes more than inspiration. But man-oh-man was that guy a handsome young man. He needs to be a hero in a romance novel.