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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Today I heard a woman talk about how her in-laws told her if she was going to stay at their house she was going to have to get rid of her dogs. I was actually trying not to eavesdrop, but I was in a small room and there was no avoiding listening because I was one of ten in a captive audience. Anyway, she was cussing up a storm about how awful they were. I was silently thinking that just because they're helping this woman out doesn't mean they have to be perfect, but I'd never say that to a stranger because... well... she might be a nut.

Anyway, she said her solution was to move to another state for 6 months. At this point I was glad for her. But, then... she admitted she left her children with the in-laws (and I presumed husband) because "my pets are that important to me". I still at least figured they were with their father. But then she said the husband's meeting with probation officer didn't go so well and he was freaking out at the chance he may be ret…

New Review for Relic

Over the last week, a new review was published at Romance Reviews Today.
"Annalee Blysse's Lord of the Night captured my attention immediately. With her charming characters, the possibility of shapeshifters from the Planet Marehet, and some steamy sex, Ms. Blysse writes a tale sure to please."

"Take four talented ladies and four equally well-written and creative stories and you've got RELIC, an anthology that will keep you reading late into the night."
~ Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

Reading Tons

A whole week! I can’t believe it. I’m just so surprised. It went by so fast I didn’t realize it was gone. The new job is hard to adjust to because I’m such a night owl. I’m pleased to be working again. The only downer is that even though it isn’t so incredibly far to drive, but I have to admit I hate the thought of an extra 1000 miles on my truck each month. I know that is not out-of-the-ordinary for a lot of people, but I lived 2-5 miles from most every job I have ever had. I am spoiled! LOL.

I read a lot this past week. 5 books I think! More than normal because I was coming home tired and it is easier to read than write so I just grabbed a new book every other day or so. I read the Warner Cajun books by Sandra Hill finally. Funny. Sexy. I’d read The Love Potion years ago and I had been collecting the others but never got to them.

Speaking of reading...

I read an article by a famous romance author in the newspaper this week. She’s been around awhile. Her career started because she didn…