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Back ... for the Moment

My brother and sister-in-law are gone. They are driving north on I-5 as I type on their way back to the Portland area before flying back to Alaska this weekend. I miss them already but they said they’d come back at Christmas though.

I love Portland this time of year. I wonder if the roses are out yet? Just might be because the birds are twitter-patted already. Yesterday I had to wait for a few birds looking to make a nest up above the screen door to get out of the way before I could go outside. I stayed outside and shooed them off for long enough I hope they gave up on that idea. Above the screen door will not work for a safe nest. Last year when a pair tried to build there stapled cardboard to cover the open areas on the overhang and put up a commercial birdhouse. So far no birds have moved into that though. Hope they do. I like birds being around ... less bugs!

I stayed home to write and goof around online while my brother and them were in Vegas last week. As it turns out it wasn’t …

More Vegas Pics

I love this pictures they took though. But still, I had to tease them about the naked lady theme going on.

If I'd been there with them, I would have been taking the same shots. Similar taste my sister-in-law and I have.


Did you know there was a casino named Mermaids in Vegas?

I didn't. I'd probably have taken an image of this one too because I like mermaids!

Happy Pi Day

Here's a cute card at

Here's a Pi Page.

Ultraviolet Was A Lesson In How Not To Write Vampire Paranormal

Let's just say that I didn't enjoy the movie Ultraviolet. The only quality I liked was the heroine's hair color changes, so I don't think they did it enough. But I'd have to because I have a heroine that can change her hair color too. [ShallaMai, secondary in Starlit Destiny and the heroine in the follow-up that is a WIP.]

The vampires had fangs, yet not the need or desire to suck blood. Call me silly, but isn’t that one of the cardinal rules of vampiredom?

Their vampires were mortal. They went to great lengths to show that Ultraviolent wasn’t immortal. [A double negative. :)] The ending scenes screwed that up for them though. In futuristic and paranormals people are willing to have “the rules“ bent ... but not within the same story.

The whole light-sensitivity issue was another thing they played with to fit the scene. The heroine wasn’t light-sensitive, so she couldn’t see in the dark. Yet there were other characters that weren’t light-sensitive that could see in the…