Thursday, March 09, 2006

Perfect Partner Tag

I got tagged by Michele!

Target of Perfect Partner:

The perfect man for me...

1. He would be taller than me, or at least as tall. I’ve not an Amazon, but I am taller than most people.
2. Be sober. The last man who hit on me was drunker than a skunk. Not sure these tags are always meant to be practical, but can't help but recall the moment. He was cute though.
3. Speak my language enough to converse. The second to the last man that hit on me couldn’t speak any English. He wanted my phone number. If we couldn’t talk in person, how would we talk on the phone? Come to think of it, he wasn’t a shining example of sobriety either. He was cute though.
4. Have a job and/or recent Lottery win so I can keep writing. Or at least support the idea of writing! Not everyone does.
5. He would be willing to help inspire a writer of erotic romance.
6. I’m pretty independent and can be a pain in the butt at times, so he’d have to be willing to put up with my little quirks like... leaving the clothes in the dryer until I’m good and ready to fold them.
7. Be independent himself yet bend over backwards to please me! LOL. Yeah, I like those alphas too, but I would need an equal voice.
8. The last man that I thought was perfect for me didn’t fit a lot of these qualities, but I fell in love anyway. The perfect man would throw me for a loop, surprise me at many turns and keep life exciting.

I have a habit of tagging the last 5 people who commented here. I know it is the weenie way out, but... if you read this and consider yourself tagged!

Raven Bash March 06

AKA A Chance To Read For Other People

This weekend I'm participting at the Raven Bash March 06 over at The Raven Vampire Nightclub. The list is up to over 25 authors. So, stop in because that'll mean a lot of prizes and excerpts and fun.

A Chance To Read

Months ago my truck's speed control mechanism was recalled and disconneced. I kept getting letters the parts would take a little longer than expected. They had millions to replace nationwide. Then I forgot about it. I finally was thinking about the speed control while I was standing near the phone -- goodness knows why -- and I called so now I have an appointment tomorrow early. The entire family is still in Vegas! Yet considering the line at the place each morning, I figure it's a fluke they can get me in tomorrow. Trucks doctors are like dentists, when they've got an opening, better jump on it or it could be another month. I guess I'll bring a book to read while I wait. I'm under the impression it'll take 2 minutes to pop the part in, but never know how long it will take them to get to my truck. It would be a $40 cab ride all the way out here, and I'm much to cheap for that! Anyway, so reading it'll be. If I had an eReader, I could bring my whole library with me.

Monday, March 06, 2006

An eBook Dream - How Appropriate

I had the most interesting e-Book related dream last night. It had a little to do with my last post. I had a dream I went to a small eBook store in Anchorage, Alaska. The shelves were mostly empty. The clerk’s explanation -- “We’re an online company, we just sell disks here in the story for hold outs like you.”

Isn’t it funny how we mesh things we were thinking about into dreams?

The other part of the dream was I’d suddenly realized that my aunt had published an eBook before she’d passed away (which was well over 10 years ago). I wanted to track it down but they couldn’t sell me one because they no longer had a valid contract. Interestingly, my aunt wasn’t a writer. I have no idea why that scene ended up in the dream. It just reminds me that though I forget some of the things I‘ve done over the last year, I still have pretty good memories of what my aunt looked like over 10 years after I last talked with her.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My First eBook

I’m pretty new to eBooks. I knew about them early on, but I admit I used to be afraid to buy online. I was afraid of the “Internet”. But then I bought my first new vehicle and watched them process a monstrous loan on-line. I was thinking that loan represents the bulk of my bills for the coming years and it’s all online, so why am I worry about shopping online? That’s how I got over the fear of shopping online. I started with airlines tickets though. Then shopped at

But I still didn’t buy a book for a few years. I found my first NCP book in print to be honest! I read it, enjoyed it and started thinking about eBooks. About the same time I joined a small critique group. Chaste Foxxe's Jack and Jill on Fantasy Hill had recently been released, and so I started there to support a writing friend. This story is a fairy tale revisited, and was the first eBook I purchased from NCP. It's been a little over a year and a half. Not much though.