Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fresh Voices - Fresh Choices For Readers

This coming week is Read An E-Book Week (March 5-11th, 2006). It was created four years ago as a way to promote the new industry and share with readers the advantages of electronic books.

Here's why I read eBooks...

#1 - Instantaneous satisfaction! When I want a book I can go to a Web site, buy it, and be reading within a few minutes. I really don't like driving across town to discover the bookstore doesn't have what I want. Electronic books provide immediate gratification for readers.

#2 - This years' theme "Fresh Voices - Fresh Choices For Readers" exemplifies what I find true of the epublishing industry. I enjoy the dedication to books and creativity that I find in small publishers like New Concepts Publishing where my own books are published. From talking with other authors published by other ePubs, I think they'd say the same thing. If the entire publishing industry was had those ideals I wouldn't see so many Harry Potter spin-offs when I walk through the bookstore.

#3 - And speaking of Harry Potter. Last July my first short story Never A Sunset was released the same day as the last Harry Potter release. I remember hearing in the media that the first 5 Harry Potter books in the series have sold so many copies that if they were all lined up they could span the equator twice. That is a lot of books, and that means a LOT of trees have died so people can read. So, I made this little graphic advocating no electrons were destroyed to make any of my eBooks.

Image hosted by

Now it's your turn... why do you read eBooks?

If you haven't tried, and enjoy romance, if I may point out my author page NCP. How is that for shameless promotion?

Truth is there are a lot of other great books available! Actually, I plan to list a few over the coming week in honor of Read an E-Book Week.

That said... Never A Sunset is coming out in print in two week in an anthology called Immortal Lovers so I just want to warn you I'll be touting the advantages of print books soon too. I love eBooks, but I read print books still.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Any Minute Now

My brother and sister-in-law should be here at any time. They flew into Portland on the red-eye from Anchorage, and called from Salem area around 8:00 a.m. It's probably just over 500 miles I think. It's might be bum roads though. It snowed last night and melted all day but there are mountains between here and there. Long drive after sleeping on an airplaine all night.

I always talk them into going to see movies when they visit. It's Ultraviolet that I want to go to. My brother isn't exactly keen on Milla Jovovich movies. I personally liked the The Fifth Element -- which I probably saw with them.

Anyway, I tend to watch these kinds of movies because that is my favorite genre. I write stories set in the future and create genetically modified humans for my stories. Maybe someday Milla Jovovich can play in one of my movies. Of course, haven't written a screen play yet. That would help.

Speaking of movies....

I was watching an old Oscar-nominated movie from 1957 called Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison and was mentally comparing it to this years line up. I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, but couldn't help but noticed that it has garnered more Oscar nominations. Times sure change. That old movie was about a soon-to-be nun (Deborah Kerr) and a Marine (Robert Mitchum) stuck on an island in the South Pacific during WWII. They fell in love, which wasn't something they could do because she was to become a nun after all. No kissing in the nearly 50 year old movie. It's my understanding the forbidden love story in Brokeback Mountain is consummated. Hmm... I haven't seen it yet.

I'm not complaining about the changes I see, I'm just noticing. After all, a good portion of my stories have explicit content.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mixed Rain & Snow & News

I saw Sparks on the national news. We've been having a lot of rain and some snow. I guess the Truckee River was "this close" to flood stage. I didn't go to the downtown area, and out on my end of Reno the river I'm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas so flooding isn't a huge problem. Here I am talking about the weather...

Had two bad phone calls this weekend, and worried about family. My uncle is in ICU and getting worse, not better. Makes it tough to be in another state. There was good news with the phone calls... just a few more days and my brother will be visiting for almost a week. Still not sure if I'm going to drive down to Vegas with them. I've applied for a new position and have a sneaking suspicion I'll be interviewed then. Can't really go off playing when something like that comes up.

My other brother stopped by yesterday and I gave him a crew cut. I had these GI Jane flashed images running through my mind. I haven't done much more than trim my hair in 14 months, so it's getting pretty long -- which means it's always in the way. I was reading a novella last night where the hero was thinking about the heroine's sexy long hair, then she woke up late and managed to shower and comb out her rat's nest and be ready in 15 minutes. Fiction? Absolutely! The author has to have short hair, or she'd have made it an hour. LOL. I'm being silly. But, it is my experience that bed head and long hair don't mix really well. I'm planning on getting a hair cut this week (my sister-in-law is my preferred stylist). I better go hide the clippers before I get her to do something too drastic.

Guess that GI Jane scene is memorable because it's shocking. Do you have scenes from movies that you remember strongly? Books?

I think I create some really strong images when I read. I read one story called of Jennifer Colgan's called Flight of the Valkyrie over a year ago and I still have strong images in my head.