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Another Night Out On Town

The Brooks & Dunn concert was great. I am not their biggest fan. I didn’t know which was which until I asked last night. Normally I talk about everything I like on this blog. Well, just to prove I can be contrary, I’ll admit that I don’t like their song "Maria". It’s their signature song! Millions love it. I’m not one of them. I just don’t really like one word lines in songs, so Mareeeeeeeeiiiiiaaaaa… will never inspire me. But I really like their other songs and they’re great performers. The concert was sold out. I haven’t been to a sold out concert here for a long, long time.

I went with my brother – it was his birthday – and my folks. It's always fun to see my brother and my father singing along. I love that. My mother and I sing in the car all the time, that is no surprise.

I went downtown early because being sold out would make parking an issue so I wandered around mostly walking but I did stop for a break at the Sands. My brother was in there for a drawing, but …

Jaret in the Water

Eduardo Verástegui could be a model for Jaret, the hero in Starlit Dreams, the follow-up to Starlit Destiny (he's Krys's partner). That is what Jaret looks like in my mind, only differences being Jaret has longer hair and blue-green eyes.

Here's a rough draft of a water scene where Jaret is wandering around in the water with more clothes on then Eduardo. I'm liable to make changes prior to even submitting it. But I like this scene so 99% sure it's staying. It happens to be the scene I was working on last. I've been doing a good job of working on writing lately actually. That's always good news. :)

* * *

ShallaMai stood on the edge of a sprawling, steaming, glacier-blue pond. Blaa Lonid filled a flat valley, but for the most part clouds of steam floating upwards obscured the landscape. Occasionally, the wind parted the mist, giving a glimpse of the mineral springs. Then the pool’s white, sandy bottom was visible as far as the eye could see.

“Good thing it isn’…

Eduardo Verástegui

Test The Spare Tire: Eduardo Verástegui - Mine! My Merman! Jump for Joy!

Have you seen that pic before? The hunk jumping out of the sea? Well, thanks to Michele I now know his name. Eduardo Verástegui.

Ah, I can post the banana pic here. :) This comes from a site that hosts graphics for myspace users.