Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Night Out On Town

The Brooks & Dunn concert was great. I am not their biggest fan. I didn’t know which was which until I asked last night. Normally I talk about everything I like on this blog. Well, just to prove I can be contrary, I’ll admit that I don’t like their song "Maria". It’s their signature song! Millions love it. I’m not one of them. I just don’t really like one word lines in songs, so Mareeeeeeeeiiiiiaaaaa… will never inspire me. But I really like their other songs and they’re great performers. The concert was sold out. I haven’t been to a sold out concert here for a long, long time.

I went with my brother – it was his birthday – and my folks. It's always fun to see my brother and my father singing along. I love that. My mother and I sing in the car all the time, that is no surprise.

I went downtown early because being sold out would make parking an issue so I wandered around mostly walking but I did stop for a break at the Sands. My brother was in there for a drawing, but I never did find him. He showed up at five minutes after the concert started and I asked him why (as if I didn’t know).

The drawing at the Sands got out later than I expected.


You were there, weren’t you?


I found a good machine.

I should have just wandered around a little more. I lost $13.

I ate out this evening. I had the cutest waiter. I couldn't place his accent. He's probably from South America, not Mexico. He seemed to be flirting, but maybe he was just bored. They weren't very busy! LOL. I was in the restaurant for about 15 minutes tops as my favorite at that coffee shop is a salad and that takes no time to prepare. Ah, well... could be the love of my life and I'll never end up there when he's on shift again.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Jaret in the Water

Eduardo Verástegui could be a model for Jaret, the hero in Starlit Dreams, the follow-up to Starlit Destiny (he's Krys's partner). That is what Jaret looks like in my mind, only differences being Jaret has longer hair and blue-green eyes.

Here's a rough draft of a water scene where Jaret is wandering around in the water with more clothes on then Eduardo. I'm liable to make changes prior to even submitting it. But I like this scene so 99% sure it's staying. It happens to be the scene I was working on last. I've been doing a good job of working on writing lately actually. That's always good news. :)

* * *

ShallaMai stood on the edge of a sprawling, steaming, glacier-blue pond. Blaa Lonid filled a flat valley, but for the most part clouds of steam floating upwards obscured the landscape. Occasionally, the wind parted the mist, giving a glimpse of the mineral springs. Then the pool’s white, sandy bottom was visible as far as the eye could see.

“Good thing it isn’t commercialized yet,” Jaret said. “We have the entire valley to ourselves. Come on, join me.”

Zackson X wasn’t called Absolute Zero for nothing. Of course no one was out here swimming.

“You are insane, Jaret. It has got to be one hundred degrees below zero.”

“It is only thirty below,” he said, laughing.

“And that is supposed to reassure me? I’ll freeze solid.”

She watched Jaret’s skin turn pink as he nonchalantly stripped his cold weather gear off revealing only his swimming suit. He threw his clothes onto the cruiser and waded backwards into the water. His grin slowly turned down. His eyes seemed to bulge out of his head as he started shivering so hard he was almost convulsing. “C-come on in, the, the water is gr-gr-great.”

She shook her head, insisting, “You’ll need me alive and well so I can rush you to the med-center.”

He responded with a huge grin, and winked. “What I need is for you to relax and come swimming. It’s fine. Trust me.”

Trust him? That wasn’t her biggest problem. She could no longer trust herself around him.

“ShallaMai, you’ll have bragging rights. No one will believe you went swimming in the dead of spring on Absolute Zero.”

“That’s because no one knows this place exists except locals. Everyone will think I’m a liar.”

“What are you afraid of? The water? The cold? Or me?”

She took one last longing glace at the open ramp of the Jurate, just a few meters from the water’s edge. Jaret had turned up the heat, and with the frigid temperatures outside, warm moisture billowed out. She licked her finger and felt the saliva freezing within seconds. Insane, the man was absolutely insane. “You’ll leave the ramp open? I can imagine I’ll want to run back inside very quickly.”

“Sure, no one is around.”

ShallaMai walked back up the ramp and quickly undressed, leaving her heavy winter coat and pants right by the door. But, she wore her boots again, right to the water’s edge. After hopping out of them, she ran and dived in, surfacing near Jaret.

“It’s so warm!” she whooped in surprise.

Jaret drifted toward her. His eyes were half-mast, his skin flushed from the heat. “And beautiful.”

She sniffed the air. “And stinky.”

“The locals swear no one in town has arthritis. There’s a shop in town that sells the minerals for home use. I have it on good authority that the minerals are a gimmick. Blaa Lonid is where the magic lies.”

It was magical, ShallaMai thought. The way her hair was frozen to her head in thin icicles, but the steam kept her warm. She leaned backwards, melting her hair, then started floating on her back. “I’d be as thankful for these hot springs if I lived on this planet as I am for the cold-water springs beneath my childhood home on Tahn Ror.”

Jaret’s eyes were wide with shock. “On that hell-hole?” He closed one eye and stared at the horizon. “Sorry, I can’t picture that. You have to be joking.”

She laughed at him, spraying some water in his direction. “By all means, continue to think of Tahn Ror as hell. It will keep you from showing up without invitation.”

His arms moved through the water slowly, his fingertips slid along her arm. The heated look to his eyes had absolutely nothing to do with the water. “Invite me, prove to me that I’m wrong.”

Feeling trapped, ShallaMai turned over and swam away from the shore. Dancing with his last night had been too much. She didn’t have enough strength to ward off Jaret, of that she was sure. If he continued behaving so provocatively, she’d be stupid enough to give in. And where would that get her? No where.

* * *

Here are some pics of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland that inspired this spot on the frozen planet I created.

Eduardo Verástegui

Test The Spare Tire: Eduardo Verástegui - Mine! My Merman! Jump for Joy!

Have you seen that pic before? The hunk jumping out of the sea? Well, thanks to Michele I now know his name. Eduardo Verástegui.

Ah, I can post the banana pic here. :) This comes from a site that hosts graphics for myspace users.

glitter graphics