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Beth tagged me. So now I need to publish my five guilty pleasures. LOL. Yep, pretty hard to admit to the things we feel guilty about! LOL.

1. Chocolate. Yeah, I love chocolate yet I should eat more healthfully. I remember reading once that an all chocolate diet works because I'd get so tired of it that I'd stop eating enough to maintain my current weight. I just figure I'd get vitamin deficient, because I don't think I could get tired of chocolate anytime soon.

2. Writing. Believe it or not, there is pressure from people (some of whom I don't even know) that what I'm doing isn't "real" work. Some don't even believe I'm not on any form of assistance.

3. Gambling. Well, having read #2 you'd believe that I have to be careful with my money. I spend way too much money over at the casino. I'm pretty good at not getting in the door, but once I'm there I tend to stay $20 too long 90% of the time.

4. Books in general. I have them piled up…

Olympic Dreams

Is anyone watching the Olympics? I watched bits and pieces over the past few days and one of the medalists shares a family name from Russia. A cousin wrote about it so we cheered him on, wondering if he is our 5th cousin.

I have searched via Blogger for some information over the past few days because I'm not watching enough... here's some cute pics. --> Second Olympian To Steal My Heart

I saw a few other posts that are anti Winter Olympics! How could you be anti Winter Olympics? Okay, I admit that I'm from Alaska. The young girl's comments I saw (won't link because I'm basically insulting the poor thing) biggest worries on her blog emphasize that she watches a lot of TV and hasn't actually experienced the world of extreme sports. That's a given if she thinks winter sports are boring and dull. Winter sports are the result of millenia of mankind against nature. Granted, we're not going to see an avalanche at the Olympics because the trails are groom…

Literary Agents: Advice And Resources

Tanya found this pile of links about Literary Agents: Advice And Resources.

The Box of 64

I'm sure this post could reminds writer's of ideas that could enrich character development. But more than that, I just like it. --> Sidney Williams Journal: The Box of 64

Back to Basics

I had a bloggin' thought about something, but I got distracted and worked on the template for the blog instead. I decided that I'd have the header match my website again. As lovely as that fairy was, I just thought that I'd go back to the basics. I'll probably end up changing the links blog that I use as well. I still have a few things to iron out if I want the blog to be "seamless", and I still need to update the links in the sidebar.

Oh yes, and I finished Urania's story and plan to jump right back in on another. That felt great.

Romancing The Wiki

I just cut and pasted the message below. I haven't learned Wiki yet, have you?


Romancing The Wiki

The history of romance novels, from the roots of the genre to today's New York Times bestsellers, is being written online at The new site launches on February 14th, in celebration of the official holiday of romance novels, Valentine's Day.

By encouraging the entire romance community to add their stories and insights, RomanceWiki will create an ongoing history of the market-leading romance genre. Never before has there been a single resource to combine the various elements of the genre: authors, books, publishers, awards, reviews, influences, and connections. In addition to building the history of romance novels, RomanceWiki provides resources for journalists, authors, and readers.

"The romance fiction community is so large and so diverse that no one person can accurately capture the history of the genre," says Kassia Krozse…

Starlit Destiny a 2005 CAPA Nominee

Starlit Destiny has been nominated for 2005 CAPA's at The Romance Studio in the paranormal romance category. The CAPA's are their awards for excellence in romantic and erotic fiction, chosen from books that were reviewed in 2005 at TRS. The final award will be announced St. Patrick's Day.

I'm honored to be nominated with these books! Thank you TRS. I enjoyed many of the books on the entire list of nominees, and in the paranormal romance category as well.

I have to admit, sharing a nomination with a paranormal powerhouse like Christine Feehan makes me feel like a new actress on Oscar night. Come St. Patty's Day, I'll be feeling like a Diamond Dipped Diva, even though chances are I'll be wearing sweats and a t-shirt!

Search Engine Stat Fun

I'm still writing, so I haven't been visiting. But I stopped writing long enough to look over my latest stats, and sure enough... they're dropping. I know part of blogging is talking back! I'm nearly done with this novella.

Anyway, does anyone else keep track of your blog stats?

Here is how some recent search engine visitors found my blog.

smiling dog
sailing viking reinactment
chocolate covered garlic
"I'll be your Private Dancer" t-shirt
snow monster from rudolf the red nosed reindeer
cat cleaning computer

If you have stats, look them over and feel free to share your favorite.

I found another post thanks to Michele... Writer's Drift: OK, I've been slack where you can find a monster bunny. Michele likes things like were-rabbits and big bunnies. Me too! I just posted about the Hot Hare Balloon because I'd really go to balloon races just to see that big bunny.