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Karen tagged me! Fun one.

current clothing: navy blue sweat pants, light blue T
current hair: brown, pretty long
current mood: happy
current refreshment: Plain old water!
current annoyance: I saw a 3-legged dog yesterday wandering around free and I was recently talking to someone who cried that her dog was actually killed when run over. My annoyance is with irresponsible pet owners. This is a city! There’s traffic. If you want your dog to live, keep it tied up in your yard.
current avoidance: dusting the cobwebs (I just found them yesterday and so far I just forgot)
current smell: floral smells
current thing you ought to be doing: I’ve got a deadline looming for a novella!
current thing or things on your wall: A sacred heart cross (Catholic), feather (native), two mirrors, a few cobwebs
current IM/person you're talking to: I saw one person on there, but I’m doing pretty good at just this "one" post and I’m going to work this afternoon.
current jewelry: none
current book: Talk Ner…

Pic Post

I found blogs that reminded me of pics I've taken so I was inspired to post again today.
I saw Word Trix's Bert & Ernie. Reminded me of the Energizer Bunny Hot Hare Baloon. I don't have a good pic of that one though. So I nabbed a commercial one and put it in the corner.

This is why I don't have a good pic. The last time I went to the Great Baloon Race here in Reno, it was for the dawn patrol lift off.

This picture below I took only for research purposes. The glare is awful. But I wanted to look up more about the history of these products. I just had to smile when I saw an author posting a pic with cereal boxes on Silver Expressions.

Puzzle Solved

Just in case you were worried. And I know you were! That website had 1 letter wrong, so the heisters were just masking an unused domain, not a domain belonging to the author. It forwarded so quickly, I didn't catch that.

Phew, puzzle solved.

Other than that...

I have company coming in a month. I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas. Maybe. If I can go.

I have a deadline looming for the Behind the Muses anthology in a week and not quite ready. So I've been forced to cut back on things like blogs and e-mail.

Also, I was talking to a friend long distance and out of the blue... "Yeah, I know another author." 5 years this book has been published and they never told me.

It actually sounds pretty interesting. From I see Alyeska Gold is a mystery. It starts in Fairbanks in 1907 during the gold boom up there. I used to live in Fairbanks and have placed one WIP that I could work on when I'm done with that other in this local.

That phone call got me missing another f…

Heisted Links?

I just saw something interesting. I saw an author's webite in a promo I get via e-mail. (Okay, so I've cut back! But, I'm still reading too much e-mail.)

When I clicked through, rather than pull up the erotic romance author's website, I was forwarded to an anti-porn site. Seeing as how the author would want to sell books (which aren't porn, but are erotic romance), I assume this isn't their choice.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen? How can a website pirate a link like that?

My Fun Distractions

I surfed a lot lately and I edited about 1/3 of my WIP so that is good. So I'll just show you what grabbed my attention when I should have been editing the other 2/3rds. LOL.
Magic Heart Auction at eBay as thanks to Cora Zane -- not on her blog actually, on Romance Divas. I'd be wrong in thinking "the things they'll do for money" because they're only getting a few bucks off this magic heart -- so far.
Daisy's ATC Trading Cards. I do all the things required to make ATC's, but never really met anyone who did so I haven't ever worked on one.
My W-2 from my old employer came with a huge pile of paperwork that is makes me worry. I think that means I have to file special forms. I think I'll need to concentrate on it is what I think and AAHHAHAH! Not my favorite thing to do.
I made a few minor changes to my Web site and future releases of newsletter. I want to start using a theme for each newsletter. I've got the May theme down. March ... not quite.

New Review for Lord of the Night

It's good that I went to check my e-mails today (though I still spent most of this afternoon checking the inbox). But, I found a new review for Lord of the Night from the Relic anthology in the JERR newsletter #68. Below is just part of it though I can't link to the rest for those who don't get the newsletter quite yet because they update the Web site after they release the e-mailed newsletter.

I enjoyed this short story so much that I wanted it to continue for another few hundred pages. This story is hot, hot, hot, and left me hoping that Ms. Blysse will come out with a series surrounding this fascinating world. The characters are engaging and distinctive from each other. I truly enjoyed Merrick’s complexities, especially the battle between his love for Camille and his loyalty to his brother. He exhibits a vulnerability that makes him sensitive yet still confident. Likewise, Shad is a spoiled brat that I couldn’t help but become enamored with, especially his strong alpha-m…

Superbowl Sunday

I grew up in a suburb of Seattle called... Alaska. So the closest team I ever had to root for was the Seahawks. I remember thinking about these things as a child when my father was watching play off games. And though I can't really remember exact words, I do remember having a conversation that went something like this.

Me: Why doesn't Alaska have a football team?

Dad: Not enough people live here.

Me: If we don't have a team, who are we supposed to cheer for then?

Dad: Pittsburg Steelers. (I'm just making that up, I don't really remember.)

Me: I want the Seahawks to win.

Dad: Well, they're not in the playoffs so there's no chance they'll be in the Superbowl.

Me: Will they ever be in the Superbowl?

Dad: Not unless they start playing better.

Me: But, they've got a cool name.

Dad: Yeah... I'm watching football.

Me: What's a sea hawk?

Dad: They just made that up.

Me: Why do they call the Steelers that? Do they steal things?

Dad: No, they mean the steel mill…

Writing More - E-Mailing Less

Every feel like you get too much e-mail?

Today I left 1/2 of the newsletters/groups I get in e-mail because I blog more these days. Speaking of blogs...

I noticed troubles on a couple blogs over last 24 hours. Comments missing. Posts erased. Those pics in the template on the NCP author blog didn't work and I had to repeat that 3 times. Beggars can't be chosers.