Saturday, February 11, 2006


Karen tagged me! Fun one.

current clothing: navy blue sweat pants, light blue T
current hair: brown, pretty long
current mood: happy
current refreshment: Plain old water!
current annoyance: I saw a 3-legged dog yesterday wandering around free and I was recently talking to someone who cried that her dog was actually killed when run over. My annoyance is with irresponsible pet owners. This is a city! There’s traffic. If you want your dog to live, keep it tied up in your yard.
current avoidance: dusting the cobwebs (I just found them yesterday and so far I just forgot)
current smell: floral smells
current thing you ought to be doing: I’ve got a deadline looming for a novella!
current thing or things on your wall: A sacred heart cross (Catholic), feather (native), two mirrors, a few cobwebs
current IM/person you're talking to: I saw one person on there, but I’m doing pretty good at just this "one" post and I’m going to work this afternoon.
current jewelry: none
current book: Talk Nerdy To Me – VLT
current worry: Lightening the load and focusing more on writing.
current favorite celebrity: Tony Shaloub
current obsession: Lightening the load and focusing more on writing.
current love: myspace
current longing: whirled peas
current disappointment: I better skip this one. If something drains me of time, money and energy but doesn’t give back anything but a headache, it should go, right? Lighten the load! My mantra.
current lyric in your head: Singing my life with his words…
current music: Killing Me Softly – The Fugees
current favorite book: The Trigon Rituals by Angelia Whiting. Hot. Funny.
current favorite movie: Finding Neverland
current wish: my sister-in-law is pregnant, I wish for her a easy and healthy next 7-8 months
current happy thing: diet Pepsi, diet Pepsi… now that I’m done with water, I switched over to the caffeine too!
current undergarments: Yellow with floral print
current desktop picture: I created it in Poser. It isn’t one of the freebies on my Web site, but I like it.
current plans for tonight/weekend: Writing!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Pic Post

I found blogs that reminded me of pics I've taken so I was inspired to post again today.
I saw Word Trix's Bert & Ernie. Reminded me of the Energizer Bunny Hot Hare Baloon. I don't have a good pic of that one though. So I nabbed a commercial one and put it in the corner.

This is why I don't have a good pic. The last time I went to the Great Baloon Race here in Reno, it was for the dawn patrol lift off.

This picture below I took only for research purposes. The glare is awful. But I wanted to look up more about the history of these products. I just had to smile when I saw an author posting a pic with cereal boxes on Silver Expressions.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Puzzle Solved

Just in case you were worried. And I know you were! That website had 1 letter wrong, so the heisters were just masking an unused domain, not a domain belonging to the author. It forwarded so quickly, I didn't catch that.

Phew, puzzle solved.

Other than that...

I have company coming in a month. I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas. Maybe. If I can go.

I have a deadline looming for the Behind the Muses anthology in a week and not quite ready. So I've been forced to cut back on things like blogs and e-mail.

Also, I was talking to a friend long distance and out of the blue... "Yeah, I know another author." 5 years this book has been published and they never told me.

It actually sounds pretty interesting. From I see Alyeska Gold is a mystery. It starts in Fairbanks in 1907 during the gold boom up there. I used to live in Fairbanks and have placed one WIP that I could work on when I'm done with that other in this local.

That phone call got me missing another friend. I haven't talked to her in a long time. I think she was irritated I wouldn't come to visit after she found out I drove to Colorado. Big difference as I had traveling partners to share the cost. Guess I should call and say... okay, I might have been galavanting around the West, but doesn't mean I wouldn't like to visit. I just have to be careful with my money because I'm writing these days and working temporary jobs to pay the bills. A trip with airfare, hotels, and a rental car isn't on my horizon. A trip with just my truck and Motel 6, now that I can afford.

Me and the Motel 6 spokesman Tom Bodet are buddies! One of the authors I've read bio says something about luxury hotels and world-wide travel. I would say that I drive with the tailgate down (increases gas mileage about 15% in my truck) as I galavant around the West staying at Motel 6 and eating at Denny's. As of yet, I haven't had to bake any ground squirrels over an open fire. (That was in an episode of Survirorman.)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Heisted Links?

I just saw something interesting. I saw an author's webite in a promo I get via e-mail. (Okay, so I've cut back! But, I'm still reading too much e-mail.)

When I clicked through, rather than pull up the erotic romance author's website, I was forwarded to an anti-porn site. Seeing as how the author would want to sell books (which aren't porn, but are erotic romance), I assume this isn't their choice.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen? How can a website pirate a link like that?

My Fun Distractions

I surfed a lot lately and I edited about 1/3 of my WIP so that is good. So I'll just show you what grabbed my attention when I should have been editing the other 2/3rds. LOL.
  • Magic Heart Auction at eBay as thanks to Cora Zane -- not on her blog actually, on Romance Divas. I'd be wrong in thinking "the things they'll do for money" because they're only getting a few bucks off this magic heart -- so far.

  • Daisy's ATC Trading Cards. I do all the things required to make ATC's, but never really met anyone who did so I haven't ever worked on one.

  • My W-2 from my old employer came with a huge pile of paperwork that is makes me worry. I think that means I have to file special forms. I think I'll need to concentrate on it is what I think and AAHHAHAH! Not my favorite thing to do.

  • I made a few minor changes to my Web site and future releases of newsletter. I want to start using a theme for each newsletter. I've got the May theme down. March ... not quite.

  • I deleted a chat group on Yahoo! Groups that I started maybe 18 months ago because as I was thinking about mass e-mails the other day. I just don't have time to worry about it and I wasn't using it, so it is gone.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Review for Lord of the Night

It's good that I went to check my e-mails today (though I still spent most of this afternoon checking the inbox). But, I found a new review for Lord of the Night from the Relic anthology in the JERR newsletter #68. Below is just part of it though I can't link to the rest for those who don't get the newsletter quite yet because they update the Web site after they release the e-mailed newsletter.

I enjoyed this short story so much that I wanted it to continue for another few hundred pages. This story is hot, hot, hot, and left me hoping that Ms. Blysse will come out with a series surrounding this fascinating world. The characters are engaging and distinctive from each other. I truly enjoyed Merrick’s complexities, especially the battle between his love for Camille and his loyalty to his brother. He exhibits a vulnerability that makes him sensitive yet still confident. Likewise, Shad is a spoiled brat that I couldn’t help but become enamored with, especially his strong alpha-male sensibilities and his push to have that which he covets. But all in all, Camille wins the show. She isn’t one to be pushed around and I loved her ability to pick her battles while holding true to the important facts. The pace is perfectly structured, not moving too quickly yet still keeping my interest. The romance builds to what seems a viable relationship and the sex is boldly exciting. This story has it all. I hope to see more by this remarkable author. ~ 5 Stars, heat level hot, by Francesca Hayne at Just Erotic Romance Reviews

More on my worrying about e-mails...

I e-mailed an excerpt to a group that prefers those go into the files section so I got a reminder from group owner. This is just another example that I can't keep up and need to weed out more groups. I know I'll forget again. I'm really good at missing the fine print. (As I'm typing this I realize I said steel mines and not steel mills in my last post. See what I mean! I normally know that steel is created with iron and doesn't come out of the ground. LOL. I'm sure I'll make that mistake again too.)

Superbowl Sunday

I grew up in a suburb of Seattle called... Alaska. So the closest team I ever had to root for was the Seahawks. I remember thinking about these things as a child when my father was watching play off games. And though I can't really remember exact words, I do remember having a conversation that went something like this.

Me: Why doesn't Alaska have a football team?

Dad: Not enough people live here.

Me: If we don't have a team, who are we supposed to cheer for then?

Dad: Pittsburg Steelers. (I'm just making that up, I don't really remember.)

Me: I want the Seahawks to win.

Dad: Well, they're not in the playoffs so there's no chance they'll be in the Superbowl.

Me: Will they ever be in the Superbowl?

Dad: Not unless they start playing better.

Me: But, they've got a cool name.

Dad: Yeah... I'm watching football.

Me: What's a sea hawk?

Dad: They just made that up.

Me: Why do they call the Steelers that? Do they steal things?

Dad: No, they mean the steel mills.

Me: What about 49ers? That is from the California Gold Rush?

Dad: Yes.

Me: Wow. And the Broncos are because there are wild horses in Colorado. Maybe if we had a football team we could call them the Grizzlies--

Dad: You know, there's a game going on right now. I think your mother needs help.

30 years later... the Seahawks are in their first Superbowl!

And my brother and father are rooting for them because they watch football. I'm not really a big football fan to be honest. I'm still rooting for them because 1) they have the coolest name of all the teams and 2) because they are based in Seattle and I've been there and 3) because my old coworker is betting for the Steelers and he's always losing his paycheck. I know the rest of the US doesn't know this guy, but he has got a knack for picking the losing team ... you'd think he'd give up gambling.

I guess I should add that I haven't placed any bets! But the casinos are hopping this weekend.

Writing More - E-Mailing Less

Every feel like you get too much e-mail?

Today I left 1/2 of the newsletters/groups I get in e-mail because I blog more these days. Speaking of blogs...

I noticed troubles on a couple blogs over last 24 hours. Comments missing. Posts erased. Those pics in the template on the NCP author blog didn't work and I had to repeat that 3 times. Beggars can't be chosers.