Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh Boy 2

Wow, lots to read. Thank everyone for commenting. Interesting topic. I thought I’d just comment in another post because you all got me thinking.

I do tend to have feminist thoughts and definitely see how modern thought has molded me. Yet, I grew up generations out of traditional roots where men “worked” and women “tended house” – they subsisted off the land with little store-bought products to make life easier. From my place in history I can’t help but think women are just as capable. Yet, I came to the conclusion awhile back that my ancestors must have been doing something right because the people lived for thousands of years in a harsh environment. Their strict rules kept people alive.

They used to have taboos against women hunting. I try to analyze why because I think women have the same skills needed to hunt, or would have had they been taught. I’m not sure that my ancestors would have agreed because they didn’t live in the comfort I do. I’d have to say the reason that rule ever started was because a woman with a nursing infant couldn’t go out and for weeks at a time and chase down wild game, not without risking the future generations anyway.

With my values time-travel back to that era would have been a challenge! And I love reading and even writing time travel for that reason. I love to think about how this all works so I enjoyed reading comments on the last post and thinking about the whole idea.

A month ago or so my mother and I dug out a traditional parka her great-aunt sewed for my uncle well over 50 years ago. Actually she was a very independent woman for having been born in the wilds of Alaska in the 1870’s. She never married but she provided herself in the feminine way.

But she "broke the rules" so to speak. She learned to speak 5 languages. She also was a whiz at the piano and even composed – all her own sheet music was destroyed in a fire in the 1950’s. These things wouldn't have been needed where she lived. Well, the languages were all spoken in that area. She spoke Russian because even though Alaska had recently been purchased by the United States, for the most part it was nearly 30 years before the US started to do anything with the territory that impacted her life. But the music was not "needed". There was probably one piano in 500 miles.

One hundred years ago she traveled to British Columbia and trained with the nuns at Victoria. She wasn't a nun, she was involved in the church from the social service side. But because she wasn't a nun, it is a sure bet that she was pressured to marry and settle down. Being single just the way things were done when she was born. Even though she broke some rules, she was always was a caretaker. All my life I’ve heard stories of her and was fascinated. Thanks again for the comments. Got me reminiscing and that is fun.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oh, boy...

I got this one in an e-mail that claimed it was a real article from 1955. If you click on the image a larger one will open.

So does this mean people who say they're got old-fashioned would advice these to be the rules still? Which one made you laugh the most? Most angry?

Monday, January 30, 2006

Starlit Destiny News

I was working on this and that and decided to take a moment to surf a few blogs. I stopped by Laine Morgan's and found out that Starlit Destiny is now available at Fictionwise. That means it is available for a discount this week.

Thanks for the heads up Laine! I might not have checked right away. I have an appointment I should be getting ready for now. And congrats on Thieves Bounty being a new release at Fictionwise this week as well.

Here is my own web page for a little more information about Starlit Destiny -- reviews, a glossary, things like that.

Or here is a wallpaper created with a larger version of the cover.

Well, I better get ready for that appointment sooner than later.

Fun With Dachshunds and Hasselhoff

glitter graphics

Found another cutie pic that I got in an e-mail once, but lost. Later the same day I found this video with two happy dachshunds!

Before you download that video, be warned that 1) it's goofy and 2) it took a long time and I have DSL. David Hasselhoff had a bit of fun in front of a green screen running images of Alaska (and Africa too).

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Random Kind Thoughts

The other day Karen tagged with an act of random kindness. I do little things that are kind a lot. But what this tag really got me thinking was on a larger scale than that, and not just about myself.

Anyway, I’m going to start at the beginning for me, which is a few years ago…

I was in Metlakatla, Alaska for a day of presentations in the school. When I got to the float plane dock I called back to Ketchikan for a ride to my car and my mother was crying. There had been a news break on the national news about an ironworker that died on a project my brother was working on. The whole flight back was nerve-wracking for me. Once home I called the police in that city and they said “can’t release the name until we talk with family”. At that point I was half-relieved, but not really because I caught on that it had to be my brother’s friend they were talking about. The man who’d been killed and I graduated from high school together, and he’d just hit that point in his life where things started to fall into place. He had an infant. He had a wife. When we finally got in touch with my brother as it turns out that was what had happened.

This month the coincidence happened again, but this time no panic for me because my brother isn’t military. There was soldier in Iraq who died, and there were enough similarities that friends and family that weren’t quite sure have been calling, or e-mailing. To me it is a reminder that the man who died is someone’s father, brother, husband. My act of kindness that is strongest in recent memory is that I prayed for him even though he is a stranger.

And, it isn’t just me that I witnessed this kind behavior in. That is a good feeling. My friends and relatives are watching and paying attention to the news or they wouldn’t have caught the similarities with this soldier and my brother. It made me think that whatever our beliefs, a lot of us watch the news and pray or think kindly of completely random people. It is my hope that the friends of family who have lost someone special could know that "we" are listening and care, and that it will bring them comfort.

Updates at NCP Author Blog

Holly Bush, the author of Cross the Ocean joined our blog this weekend. As well as Kelly Renea.

Actually one other author is trying to join NCP Authors as well, but something isn't working right. Computer gremlins at work. We've tried twice. I have a few ideas but wish there was a users-support group for Blogger group moderators. I'm learning a lot as I go, but still learning.

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