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If I Could Read Your Mind

Remember that song by Gordon Lightfoot? I’m listening to a musician’s interview, a musician I found on myspace named Barry McLoughlin.  On his blog there is a link to a radio show that he's done recently. One of the songs he sings toward the beginning is that old Gordon Lightfoot song, “If You Could Read My Mind”. I’ve always loved that song. If I could read your mind, love
What a tale your thoughts could tell
Just like a paperback novel
The kind that drugstores sell   When you reach the part where the heartaches come
   The hero would be me
   But heroes often fail
   And you won't read that book again
   Because the ending's just too hard to takeSomeone asked me the other day if I’d someday write about them/her, and they’d/she would be honored. She even wrote out a few paragraphs to inspire me, and when I tried to explain I can’t do that she was disappointed. It really bothered her a lot. That quote from Lightfoot’s song reminds me of why this woman would want someone to write …

1901 De Dion - Bouton

Ever wonder what cars looked like in the late 1890's and at the turn of the century? This old car is a 1901 De Dion - Bouton. It is on display at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, NV. It is so fascinating to walk through and see the progression from the past to the modern.

A Day for Looking Back

I spent the day at the National Automotive Museum (which I blogged about on NCP Authors), and scanning images such as this. After my grandfather passed this photograph became one of those items every body wanted but there was only one of. It was taken nearly 60 years ago so there were no negatives available. When my grandfather passed away, there also wasn't the technology we have these days. Finally, my uncle talked other relatives into finding a way to share. He brought the original with him on his visit and my folks purchased a quality scanner. Now I can print good copies for all the relatives. By the way, the fur coat was borrowed. My grandfather was a fisherman, but he never did hunt wild game.

That excerpt I talked about on the NCP Author blog took place 40 years before this image was taken, also in Alaska. Chapter One of that story starts on the water in the Inside Passage when Lillian runs away from her "duties". Alaskan Cruises were a subject in a blog conversati…

Wedding Dress - 1881 - America

This is a wedding dress worn in 1881. It is on display at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, NV.

OD People - A review site for self-published books and e-books.

POD People: "Technologies like Print-on-Demand have provided almost everyone with the opportunity to release a book. This has proved to be something of a mixed blessing. We, the POD People, will try to shine a light into the murky darkness. Stay tuned for news, reviews and our own unique view of what is happening in the world of self-publishing."

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Gary Allan Rocks!

I'm having fun with myspace. Today I found my favorite song on there! It's playing on that page right now, and you can probably guess who sings it by the title of this post.

One of my new myspace contacts Daisy (but talk to her on Blogger a lot) has dubbed me Venita Van Jaques after I participated in a pseudonym discussion.

Hey, and I even written some the past day even though I was goofing around on myspace. I was having fun with writing about Urania for the muse anthology until the wee hours.

Earlier this month many authors were posting their writing space. Check out The Cave on author Paige Cuccaro's website.

Last night dinner was great with the family over at the nice restaurant in the Peppermill that my comp card can't quite cover. LOL. I met my brother's new girlfriend and my uncle's new girlfriend. I had fun, stayed too late because I lost $40 before. I want to drive over to Sacramento this weekend so that was the gas money. Ah gee, only have company once in…

Romance Writer Research Links

Brenda William's list of Romance Writer Research Links isn't a new page for me, but don't recall having brought it up here before. I like to revisit pages from time to time. This time this one caught my eye:

Aleutian's Home Page

The Aleutian Chain isn't an area of Alaska that I've spent much time. I lived at the start of the chain in Bristol Bay for years, but I never even got down to the Chigniks. Today on my blog I mentioned a biography that I've got in my TBR pile. It is called Glacier Pilot, and is the story of Bob Reeve, the founder of Reeve Aleutian Airways. You'll never find in the history books that he gave my mother her little dog Bootsin -- you'll have to find that here.