Saturday, January 21, 2006

Having Fun

I found this romance cover generator mentioned on Dennie's blog.

I wonder if anybody is taking the Web site up on their offer to make magnets out of the images they create. They advertise the price as -- "$8.49 USD each... That's cheaper than getting your face on a real wanted poster." Of course, you have to add shipping and handling to that. I guess someone would want to make a fun magnet from their images together for a St. Valentine's Day gift. I was wondering why they'd say wanted posters, but here on shesawriter's blog today there is a super cool wanted shot of Clive Owen. After that I looked around on the website more.

I picked that name because the avatar I use on Yahoo against that backdrop reminds me of my childhood friend I haven't talked to her ages. But, that image would match her. I got to thinking about her a few weeks ago because of a non-fiction book find. That book was about her grand father, a pioneer aviator in Alaska.

My mother is reading that book now. This little pup dog is Bootsin, her childhood dog from over 50 years ago! My mother adopted Bootsin as a pup from my childhood friend's grandfather. So my mother was thinking back once she started reading that book too.

It was probably me that scanned the tiny photo of my mother's puppy. I have access to a really great quality photo scanner now. A handful of years ago I scanned tons of old pictures. One of these days I should do that again and make up a "web page" and print CDs for relatives. I've got a family reunion that I plan to go to in July.

Here's another image from over 30 years ago of the next Boots and me. This poodle pup had one tiny white sock. I don't recall Boots because the little puppy didn't have a long life. There were wolf dogs across the street. Very sad ending to that story and my first experience with losing a pet. But I remember my parents and family friends had a funeral of sorts to comfort me. My friend's father took him away in a little box and put him on an ice floe so he'd go out to sea. That was my idea at the time.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Pink Friday

It has been a few weeks since I posted on Photo Friday but this week's challenge I think I can handle. It is "pink". I didn't see it on the website, but on atomicvelvetsigh's blog. Since I am spotty with Photo Friday and inelligible for voting I'll post two of my favorite pink pics.

Lady Seaton
Royal Rosarian Garden
Portland, Oregon

Pink Skies at Sunrise
Onboard the MV Malaspina
Bellingham, Washington

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RT Book Club

Have you ever needed a back issue of RT BOOK club? I had a tough time getting a copy of the current issue, the one that highlights my publisher New Concepts Publishing's new line Harmony (TM) that features multi-racial romances. It got so frustrating up at the local bookstore that I finally I looked at RT's website and noticed that back issues are not cheap. Luckily, the shipment was just late, but they tried to tell me it was discontinued.

This evening I'm surfing around and notice that isn't the case at They sell the current issue of Romantic Times BOOKclub at less than the cover price (plus shipping & handling), and they sell back issues at half price. So if you're looking for extra copies of your interview in RT (I wish that was me!), they're an option.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why I Have A Pen Name

The temporary agency called me last night. I work temporary jobs so I can focus on writing. I do need to work sometimes, so I called them back and I finally got a hold of a human being and told her my name and she mispronounced it. Then I told her again including the first letters spelled out and she still couldn't find me on the computer (or pronounce my name). Then one last time I said my name and spelled it out fully, she still mispronounced it and said she’d call back. Well, the thing is, if she never figured out my name how the hell would she find me on the computer? She never called back, by the way. I think this is a sign my real last name thwarts people. I was going to call their other office and ask what is up. That guy knows me so he would just call me by my first name and try to remember my last.

So Bliss is easier. Blysse is a family name. I just wasn't born with it. Actually, my distant relatives aren't born with it either. "Blysse" is the old spelling of the name "Bliss". As soon as they hit American soil they changed the spelling.

Annalee is sort of, kind of really mine. When my mother was really mad she’d say “Angela Lee you better leave your brother alone”. Then my brother would whine and make it look like I wasn’t leaving him alone – which sometimes I wasn’t, but sometimes I was completely innocent. Then my mother would have to yell so fast and loud at me it sounded like, “Annalee you just wait till your father gets home!” Sort of anyway. That really isn't why I picked that name though! I just like the sound of smooshing it together and so did my mother. Since my pestering my brother days ended about over 25 years ago, so she doesn't have to scream it at me anymore. That brother by the way told me the other day he and his wife are expecting their first children, twins. So I think history will repeat itself, don't you? Gotta love kids. I can't wait to be an auntie again.

Daisy had an exercise on her blog about why we chose names for our characters. Above is why I chose my pen name.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Seller Speaks

kate rothwell: A Seller Speaks

The top link leads to a new post about a seller that doesn't like bookmarks. I agree with that point. I got so many bookmarks from the RWA convention last summer, and other promo material for that matter. What’s the sense of giving other authors bookmarks? We only need one bookmark, not one hundred and one. And at RWA we’re definitely preaching to the choir.

When I finally invest in bookmarks, I’ll send them to my publisher (small press/e-publisher). I hear if authors send small promotional items like a bookmark, they’ll include them when they send orders out to customers. That way at least the promotional material will be getting into the hands of readers who are buying my publisher’s books.

I have considered placing my business card/book marks of some kind in used romance paperbacks that I donate to the library. There is someone on my end of town that regularly donates futuristic and paranormal romance to my branch, so if they picked up one of my old futuristic or paranormal reads with my card they just might be interested enough to buy one of my books. I haven't yet though.

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Coming To A Bookstore Near You

Oh boy is today ever one of those exciting days for a writer. I got an e-mail from my editor Andrea at NCP and saw that Never A Sunset is coming out in a print anthology in March. One of the other stories it is matched with is by Jennifer Colgan, her book Fresh Blood. She’s been by writing buddy for awhile now. I was excited at the prospects of working with a friend on things like… a book signing someday if we get to the same conference at the same time. This was such exciting news for me that I didn’t read the rest of the message.

After I calmed down a bit and went chasing after the trash can that was blowing down the middle of the road, I came back inside and read the rest of the list. That is when I saw that Starlit Destiny will be released in print in May. I wasn’t expecting two! I was just reading the list so I could see which of the other authors I know are coming out with print books (and there are some on there). I get noisy about that kind of thing. I like to know who is having a great day when I’m having one.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Blog Post Worth Reading

Dreams Eclipsed
Originally uploaded by kirastone
If you're at all interesting in talking a little about your views on erotic romance... here is a blog post worth reading. It was written by someone from outside the realm of erotic romance authors and readers. This post talks about the success of Ellora's Cave and erotic romance.

(By the way, this post on my blog has a 2007 image from flickr because I moved it from my old links blog. I've been slowly moving those over in 2007 so I can delete the old blog.)

Sexy New Release

Relic is now live at New Concepts Publishing. My third release with NCP and the hottest yet.

Relic I
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: Spicy/Carnal

Myths, legends, or terrifying curses? Relics - four mysterious and powerful remnants of history that impact four lives and take love to the outer limits of the imagination.

Merlin’s Eye by Ellen Ashe
Sixth Day of the Moon by Celia Ashley
Lord of the Night by Annalee Blysse
Curse of the Cat’s Paw by Tracy Ranson

A longer list of blurbs about each story is on my website... here.

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