Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Here!

The cover for Relic is here! I love the colors. I love the theme. It's just lovely. (Even if I wasn't an excited author!) Forgive me... just giddy this morning.

* * *

Myths, legends, or curses? Relics- four mysterious and powerful remnants of history that impact four lives and take love to the outer limits of the imagination.

Merlin’s Eye by Ellen Ashe

Unscrupulous book dealer, Roger Brinckworthe has made a fortune buying and selling antiquated medieval manuscripts. Following a lead on an ancient Druid Book of Verses he travels to England’s famed witch country to find that the mysterious heiress, Victoria Elwell, has her own agenda, and that Devon’s witchcraft is not confined to the pages of history.

Sixth Day of the Moon by Celia Ashley

Trial by fire is not just an expression for Moira Delaney. Struck by lightning while on an archeological dig, Moira is transported thirteen hundred years into Ireland's past. Forced to seek the protection of a young warrior prince from the violent impulses of his brother, she discovers the price of guardianship is a night of pleasure, while the outcome of treachery is a soul destined to search for another through time.

Curse of the Cat’s Paw by Tracy Ranson

Some myths are real, others legendary...

Sinister legends and deadly forces shroud Jamie, keeper of the mysterious mummified cat's paw, on her journey to the misty moors of Scotland. Once there, she hopes to right the wrongs of the past, counting on everything to go smoothly. What she doesn't count on is the sexy as hell Scotsman, Ian Munro. Can she return what is rightfully his without sacrificing her heart?

Lord of the Night by Annalee Blysse

Camille didn’t believe her grandfather’s claim the relic she found proved there was life on other planets. Yet, she believed that she was falling for a shape shifting jaguar. But could she trust her heart when Merrick admitted his brother claimed her first? She’d never been successful with men, so what on Earth would she do with two jaguars?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Got Away With Traffic Crime

Did you notice the controversy on blogs over Arnold's accident? I saw people serious as all get out, talking about corruption and how if he'd been an Average Joe the same thing wouldn't have happened.

The truth is we do get away with breaking the law all the time. Traffic law is about the only time we can. If you don't believe me, drive in California! (Or anywhere else.)

But, here's how I got away with traffic cime. Not quite so successfully. I got away with half the laws I broke.

I was young. Months behind the wheel. Green.

One snowy night I was driving near Jerry Prevo's Baptist Church in Anchorage, Alaska. It was decorated with Christmas lights. I recall that clearly.

The traffic light ahead of me turned yellow. I hit the brakes and slid toward the car next to me. I looked over. I saw the APD insignia on the door and let off the brake and regained control of my vehicle. The light was still yellow. I tried to brake again. Once more, my car decided it would hit this cop car rather than come to a stop on the ice. I looked at the driver this time. I looked at the now red light and drove on through.

I wasn't all that surprised when the blue and red lights began lighting up the fresh snow. I dutifully pulled over, however, the cop left right away. You see, the guy behind me had clearly run through the light too. I watched him chase after that guy who'd had no excuse (like I clearly did) and when he didn't come back I decided he must have realized that I really hadn't done anything wrong.

This police officer was not amused when he pulled me over a second time. He saw how scared I was and went into a long-winded speech about how I could be arrested for taking off like that, and how all he'd do was give me a ticket, but if he ever saw me speeding along faster than the conditions allowed he'd ... lock me up and throw away the key! I made that part up. But he put the fear of God into me better than Jerry Prevo ever could.

On hindsight I know that was exactly what he was trying to do. He knew I was a young non-criminal driver and that he could effect my future driving decisions. He took advantage of his opportunity.

Two decades later, most of the time I'm driving at or below the speed limit and I never run red lights on purpose. The few times I've slid through a red light on ice, I remember his speech that I could kill myself or someone else. I don't think of him as corrupt at all. He was looking out for me, because after all, that was his job.

Of course, at the time my insurance went up. It's hindsight that is 20/20.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No Purple Prose
No Purple Prose

This is how they describe their blog. "Purple Prose: Overly flowery and extravagant writing. Long associated with Romance Writing, more and more Purple Prose is being frowned upon. To make it even more difficult, readers today expect clean prose, but they still want the vivid detail that stirs their imagination. Without Purple Prose, how do we, as romance writers, accomplish giving our readers what they want and yet avoid the dreaded Purple Prose label? Keep reading. We’re going to do our best to show you how."

Penelope Marzec: Letting It Flow

Penelope Marzec: Letting It Flow: I found this post that links to April Kihlstrom's Book In A Week program. I like to gather information on fast writing! Haven't really tried yet though.