Friday, January 06, 2006

Cast Your Vote For Best of 2005 & TV Talk

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's that time again. Only 1 book can be the Best Romance eBook of 2005 and it's up to you to pick which one. There are 11 different categories to vote for if you'd like! Visit today to cast your vote.

I saw this banner and it reminded me of something I read last night. I haven't mentioned that I've been reading Stephen King's On Writing. One of his suggestions for aspiring authors is to read more and get rid of TV. I'd have to drag the book out to quote him. But basically if you're a writer who wants to write books and not television programs Stephen King's message is the same as that banner above.

Then again, it did occur to me that Stephen King tried to write a television program. Maybe he should watch more TV because they cancelled Kingdom Hospital. Or at least I think they did. The point is this isn't advice I need to take. I came to this conclusion on my own in the 11th grade. I don't watch it every day or even every week. I've gone years without cable all together, but need it now for DSL and still manage to watch about an hour a week tops. I'm so, so out of it when it comes to answering questions about popular culture on game shows though! I read though. I can answer a lot of those questions.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where I Write

I saw a handful of authors posting pics about where they write. Why not join in? I was interviewed at Romance Junkies recently and here is a picture to prove I'm not that disorganized. The desk is small. I used to have a stand for computer beneath it, but the new computer doesn't make that necessary because the monitor is so small. Right now all that fits is my computer and Rolodex full of cards with websites rather than snail mail addys.

I have one of those chairs you kneel into and directly behind that is my file cabinet and a cupboard where I have the majority of the paperbacks I own and my crock pot, tortilla press, blender, and berry crusher contraption that I don't use often enough to fill kitchen cupboard space.

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The only problem with this method for storing books is when the one I want is at the back on the bottom of a stack. As you can see, that has happened recently enough the cupboard is in disarray. There's a couple more drawers. It doesn't hold all my books anymore!

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Movie Ratings Stuff

What do you think? Should a movie be rated-R if an actor/actress smokes onscreen? I'm not what you'd call a pro-smoker, but I saw Gina's post and it got me thinking. I'm not arguing for smoking on screen, because I think keeping those images away from children is a good idea. I agree that most smokers are created in youth. Most thirty-year-olds don't up and say, I think I'll start a pack-a-day habit that will ensure I won't need to worry about a 401K. But I'd say that if kids can go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which is PG-13) it shouldn't really matter if Mr. and Mrs. Smith are smokers. Basically, if this regulation comes to pass, the message to children would be if you want to off your spouse use a bomb, because taking 30 years to kill them with second-hand smoke is evil!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Predator's & Editor's Poll

There's a place for nominations in each category. I didn't nominate myself! LOL.

But I did vote for a few books and websites I've enjoyed.

Chatting Tonight

Quick reminder... I'll be chatting tonight at Coffee Time Romance (9:00 EST). There will be a handful of authors from New Concepts Publishing. There will be prizes, fun, etc... I don't have a lot of experience chatting! All this time and this is the first. I've attended a few chats, but it's been quite some time since I chatted regularly.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The Floodwaters on New Years Eve

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The fireworks were cancelled this year (two nights in a row) due to a flood along the Truckee River in downtown Reno after a big rainstorm. As I type this it is snowing now. On New Years' Eve I went downtown and took a few pictures of the raging river, but this is my favorite. The water was muddy and still on this basketball court, but I still thought it was lovely. I'll have to go back when the water recedes and get a closer look at this mural. I've seen in in passing, but didn't see the details.

Urania's Featured Muse

I'm the featured muse for the next few weeks over at Behind the Muses. There is an interview up and over the next few weeks I'll be hosting contests and excerpts at our discussion group. Stop by and say hi.

This weeks first contest will be for this little pill box. I'll post the contest today over in our discussion group.

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