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Seven Things

Michele tagged with with this one. I told her it would give me something to do if the rains stopped the fireworks tonight and sure enough the Truckee River flooded in downtown Reno and the fireworks are being held off until tomorrow! There is a huge mudslide on I-80 too that will take a few days to clean up.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:

#1 Ride in a hot air balloon is something I’d like to do as well.

#2 I want to visit all of the continents.

#3 Buy one of my own books at Wal-Mart (keep going with writing).

#4 Win a mega jackpot and/or the lottery. Either would suit my retirement goals. Problem is I never play those big machines or buy lottery tickets.

#5 Own a clipper ship (#4 would help), or at least go sailing on an old-fashioned sailing vessel.

#6 Have a meaningful relationship with a studly Viking.

#7 Paint. Another way to express creativity.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

#1 Cut my own hair effectively.

#2 Read fast enough to keep up with what I want to read.

#3 Find the CD for my Paint S…


I chatted at the NCP Readers & Authors group and Behind the Muses for a few hours and at both places people brought up resolutions. I make resolutions all the time, and I either do or don't follow through, so making a few on December 31 for the following year isn't really out of the ordinary.

I answered back that I want to read more. I am making this resolution not to improve something about myself though, but because I enjoy reading and I haven't been doing near enough of it of late. After I was published my time spent reading dropped quite dramatically.

But a book a day? Resolve to read 365 books? I found this blog interviewing Lauren Baratz-Logsted who resolved to read 365 books in 2005. I would need to be speed reader for that! [Along these lines, I have been wondering if that computer program called eyeQ works.]

When asked about why she did, she brought forth a good point. Lauren Baratz-Logsted said, "I thought it would help me define my future as a writer by co…

So You Want To Write Erotic Romance?

Shelley Munro started some posts today over at Between the Sheets with Writer Babes.

[The old blog I copies this post from] got identified as a possible spam blog. Since it doesn't have a lot of repetitive links, it makes me wonder if someone flagged it? I don't know. Well, I do know that now I have to wait for manual verification from Blogger, and until that happens I have to type Word Verification just to post, and that no one will find this blog when they hit "next blog".

If I really were a link spammer, I would link to myself rather than other authors. Hey! Wait a second. I can do that? I can link to myself too? Come to think of it, I wrote about How To Become A Best Selling Romance Author on my blog today. I didn't even think of linking to myself until I saw the word verification reminder on the editor below the post window! LOL.

Warning Label: Swimming with sharks has been determined dangerous for romance writers health. Do not try that without proper trainin…

How To Become A Best-Selling Romance Author

I have had weird dreams two nights in a row. This isn't a tip post. This is me talking about a dream I had.

I’m waiting for a book called The Best of Kimberly Zant from and it isn’t here yet, though items shipped after it arrived several days ago. So, the night before last I dreamed I got a CD from in the mail, and the jewel case was all crunched up. I worked as a temporary employee out there and in my dream I was talking to one of my old coworkers (cute guy) and told him, “oh, that’s all right, don’t need a new one”. Then I left and suddenly recalled… I ordered a book! What am I doing telling some cute guy he doesn’t need to send me a new CD?

So the strangeness goes on.

There is a Romantic Times Convention that I’d sure like to go to in Florida. So in my dream I’m there. In my dream I have also acquired a studly fiancé (not the same cute guy in the CD dream), and we are swimming in the ocean. This would be a main reason I’d want to go to this conference reall…

Erased Pics

When I pull up my blog, Blogger's header is in the corner as a box rather than a bar across the screen. It happened after I used Picasa2 yesterday. I deleted the pictures because that was driving me crazy.

I Love Poser

Poser taking a hit or two at the Merry Cover Snark, from the Smart Bitches: Have yourself a Poser little Christmas post. I like Poser. I love Poser! Okay, so I prefer more natural looking covers. But there really are some very talented Poser artists out there, and some of them are making eBook covers. I wouldn't necessarily count myself in this group! I'm learning still. I am a toddler with the program. It can do so much though.

Unless you are a Poser user, you would not believe how much time and effort it took to work on this image of a horse and woman. I'm still at the practice stage, and everything took so much detail work.

Admittedly, the horse looks like the plastic horse I burned playing with matches when I was a kid. I was testing to see if it melted, and it did. But I managed to get the leg back to about a 35 degree angle and look kind of natural. I was very scientific when I was 10. Nonetheless, when I grew up my mother decided when I was about 18 that it was going…