Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's Working Again

Well, I'm still messing with the new computer and Internet. For the past few days Internet connectivity between the network has been spotty. We reinstalled the program on the other end and strange messages came up that it wasn't compatible with Windows (these messages hadn't come up before -- go figure) insisting to call the hardware support line before you mess up your entire computer forever. The wording was pretty much that too. So I called. The first thing he said is disregard the instructions! There is some kind of passphrase with the WEP security. He said NEVER use it. Well, the instructions show how to use it. I'm thinking, why bother writing this silly little manual that came with the hardware if the you are NEVER supposed to follow those instructions. So I just get back online... and now I have to be across town in a half hour.

Friday, December 16, 2005

I Vow To Read More!

We have a lot of fun over at the Behind the Muses discussion group. I missed being active in the groups when I was working most of the last six weeks. The last two weeks in December, Christy is the featured muse. Here's an example of the laughs! Actually, normally we're more apt to post hunky heros. But this one made me laugh.

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Speaking of, I had a incentive gift certificate so I ordered the first two books in L.A. Bank's vampire series Minion and The Awakening, along with The Best of Kimberly Zant from NCP. I've been meaning to buy these books and read about them again thanks to Michele's updates.

Okay, so Michele... are you a speed reader? I've been seeing that eyeQ television advertisement that ensures users will increase reading speed thinking I need it. LOL.

Normally I read a lot more but work has gotten in the way of that too. I haven't finished a book since I read Nora Robert's Northern Lights in November! I did pick up a book at a gift shop when I bought the gifts to give out for the blog contest (which ends today, I'll pick names later this evening when the day is over). I didn't enjoy that book I found and stopped about half-way through it. Since then I've been reading Ann Rule's Green River Running Red. It's a serious subect, so I tend read it slower than I would fiction. It's very good, but it's true crime and grisly.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Partying with the Chipmunks

Last night I went to see a country music concert. Keith Urban. He's really into guitar solos and has a lot more rock influence in concert than on his albums. George Straight's "Murder on Music Row" kept coming to mind. But! I'm not complaining because I enjoy the newer country music too. He did sing my favorite song which is... "But For The Grace of God".

The chipmunks sat behind me. They wouldn't stop talking. And, they were talking about things like phones, boys and school, so I figured they were young! Not to mention they were giggling, and the one sounded like a chipmunk. I'm not kidding. And they seem to have thought that purposely speaking in squeaky voice and chattering like a chipmunk was very cute, so this went with my theory that they were young -- very young. But when I turned around, they were drinking beer! They weren't kids.

When they were screaming "I Love You Keith", I cheered them on. It was the talk in between that annoyed me. It just seems to be something a lot of people think is all right. I see it in movie theatres too. I think it has to do with cell phones. People seem to think they have the right to talk wherever they want now. I don't know. What do you think?

Lastly, the contest running via my blog ends tomorrow. Lord of the Night is still coming soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Didn't Mess Up The Internet

Yet! I plugged in my new computer. It works. So far anyway. But the real test will be if I can get the wireless router hooked up and working so the second computer in the house can have Internet. My old computer couldn't install any programs needed to do that.

The good news is that this computer cost me very little money. Now that the temp. job is over, I'm worrying a little bit about money again. So much so that I went over to my favorite casino! LOL. Well, as it turned out I was lucky. Office Depot got their $$$, and I got this computer for about $50.

Still need to find my PSP CD to install the graphics program I use most often. But for now, at least I can use my digital camera again! I haven't had that capability since August. Here's that blue Christmas tree I was talking about the other day.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

15 things you didn't know...

...and probably don't need to know!

Laura tagged me via Romancing with Rose, so here come 15 things about Annalee...

1. I’ve known I wanted to write for years. The first stories I came up with years ago were often set on other planets and had a romance element... even before I read a romance novel. Starlit Destiny proves they still are.

2. It was my birthday the other day and I had to work, but I’d been invited to a special bingo event. I went to work thinking it was my lucky day and why was I at work missing the chance to win more money than this temporary job will bring in. And my mother won it! Guess this means I’m a bit of a gambler!

3. I drove across town just to look at the big blue and silver Christmas tree decorated that way to honor Nevada. I’m a photography nut. I’m having computer problems, so sharing that image will have to wait.

4. I love movies but haven’t seen one since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, until went to see Aeon Flux that is. (I started writing this prior to the computer problems.) Oh yeah, and the first movie I ever saw was the original Willie Wonka.

5. When I have a tough time coming up with 15 things, I’m reduced to revealing that I wear glasses.

6. I once wanted to be a race car driver. I would still want to do it if one of the job requirements wasn’t climbing in and out of car windows.

7. I enjoy climbing mountains. Not the big kind that take a lot of winter gear. Just your run of the mill mountain.

8. I believe in the paranormal. Strange occurrences over the years have influenced my writing. I haven’t actually met a vampire though. But I wrote Never A Sunset anyway. ;)

9. I once wrote down all the things I wanted to do. I lost the list. But certain goals are happening anyway. I think being goal-oriented is so important. I wanted to write for so long, but it didn't happen until I worked to make it happen. I basically quit my day job to write. There were other factors involved – including moving to be closer to family because at the time I was living in rural Alaska in a community where you can only get there by plane.

10. I grew up close to my Native Alaskan heritage. I can’t speak the language. But I can sing and dance traditional songs. I love to prepare and eat traditional foods. I read somewhere that half of Native Alaskans live elsewhere. That would be me now. I very much miss the cultural and family ties having decided to try another state.

11. I love the holidays because these celebrations bring out the best in people.

12. I’ve never been off North America, but I’ve seen quite a lot of the continent. I would like to travel more than I do!

13. Besides photography, I used to paint. But once I discovered digital I pretty much stopped painting. Somedays I miss it, but the only paint-friendly area is the garage and it’s chilly out there. As I type my fingers are freezing in here anyway. LOL!

14. I own a black vehicle. When I bought it, one of my coworkers bought a black truck too. I told her something like, I like your taste in color. She said to me, I bought it for the quality, not the color. I thought, uh, isn’t that why there are about 500 vehicles in every other color of the rainbow at the dealership? If she’d really wanted a yellow truck, it could have been arranged. What does this have to do with me? LOL! I own a black truck in the desert! Now I wish I’d gotten a lighter color. Guess this would show that I’m pretty adaptable to my environment. If I had enough money, I’d trade it in.

15. I’ve had a website for eight years. For awhile I had lots of blinkies, almost all of them were relevant to this exercise.

As for tagging someone... I'll try Bernadette, Laine, and Beth.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aeon Flux

Hmm... now I can compare movies of yesteryear to what is on the silver screen today. I watched Aeon Flux on Saturday morning. Aeon is an assassin. If Lady Margaret was a hell-cat in The Black Swan, Aeon was twice that. In this new movie, it was the heroine that rendered the hero unconscious!

Of course, Aeon Flux is a sci-fi/action with a romance element. Are there romance novels with heroines that are that kick-butt? I haven’t read one. As I type, I’m thinking that the romance genre hasn’t reversed gender roles quite to the same extent that Hollywood in the last 60 years. But, I could be wrong. I could have missed one. Have you ever read a romance where the heroine rendered a hero unconscious?

By the way, Aeon Flux got three stars by my local newspaper’s film critic. I’d concur with that. I enjoyed the movie. I was interested in the plot, the dialogue, and the cinematography in general. I thought the special effects were great. Also, all the futuristic gadgetry was interesting without being so absurd I lost focus. The white room messaging service was a little goofy, but it didn’t bother me to think that someday there will be nanotechnology that can deliver information to our brain via pill or implant.

Two young girls behind me lost concentration when Aeon had to pull bullets out of Trevor (the hero). They started talking out loud. They couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on with the futuristic gadgetry at the moment and it really bugged them. This was an example of what irritated me about this movie. That they were in there without their parents! It’s my guess the producers worked to ensure the movie pressed the limits, but remained accessible to the PG-13 audience. Give me a break! Aeon Flux is about an assassin who leaves piles of dead bodies in her wake. And this is considered PG-13?

If anyone ever approaches me to make a movie out of one of my stories, it is only Starlit Destiny that could be PG-13. But for Never a Sunset and the soon-to-be-released Lord of the Night, I wouldn’t sign a contract unless they planned on making an R-rated movie. I’m not afraid to label the subject matter and/or language in those stories as adult material.

PS -- What is it about Charlize Theron that makes for forget she's in movies? I was blogging about her in connection with Peter Jackson earlier this month. I knew this movie was coming out, but I'd forgotten it was her that was going to be the main actress! Will I forget she was the actress a few years from now? Probably. And it's my fault! I admit it. I need nanobots to kickstart the sections of my brain that house her name. ;)

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