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Showing posts from December 4, 2005

All I Want For Christmas Is Internet

I have not been getting anything blogged because my computer is a screwed up mess. It is the same problems from months back. I can't use my digital camera. I can't use my iPod. I'd put up with lack of toys if that was all. But, I have a new wireless router and that won't work either. Despite putting me on the naughty list, Internet is important to writing!

Luckily is is the holiday season. Santa might not feel that sorry for my plight, but Circuit City is having a fairly good sale on a "better" computer. I'm just bugged with the idea that I spent over $1,000 for this one and it never saw its second birthday.

The Black Swan

The Black Swan was a swashbuckler from WWII era. I watched most of this movie this morning. It’s a romance basically. It is also evidence of just how much times have changed!

I entered the story right about the time that Jamie Waring (played by Tyrone Power) was trying to force a kiss on Lady Margaret Denby (played by a very young Maureen O’Hara). She bit him, so he slapped her hard enough to knock her unconscious. Then he tossed her over his shoulder and was going who-knows-where, but ran into Captain Morgan (“we may never reach dry land”) and ended up throwing Lady Margaret on the floor. He wasn’t a very tall hero, but it probably kept her unconscious.

Lady Margaret was engaged to a curly-haired guy who didn’t throw her on the floor one single time in the movie, yet she still ended up with Jamie Boy, Jamie Boy, Jamie Boy. That was his requirement and among the last lines of the movie. After she turned him down a number of times, he insisted that he wouldn’t have her again unless she c…

An Image Meme

I saw this one a week or so ago on Stranded in Suburbia. You know me and images, so I figured it would be fun. I really enjoy Google Images. Anyone who wants to be tagged, feel free.

The assignment is to find and post an image from the first Google Image page for each of the following 7 queries:

The name of the town where you were born:

The name of the town where you live now:

This one amused me. I no longer live in Alaska yet it was an image from Alaska showed up when I typed in Reno.

Your name:

Your grandmother's name (pick one):

My grandmother and I share a name. I thought this image was fun!

Your favorite food:

Not exactly my favorite food, but it matched.

Your favorite drink:

Your favorite smell:

Pointless Toys

Gina's new article over at Romance Divas got me thinking of pointless toys. (It got me thinking about breathing life into characters too.) My new position as a temp this year out at Amazon's fulfillment center gives me access to altogether too many pointless toys! This year I'm in one of the shipping departments. In fact, now that we're working 12-hour shifts I'm just not feeling like Santa's little helper after about the first eight hours of each shift. But the OT pay is great.

One of the most popular toys that I see proves the US economy is much better off than some insist. They're only $25, but they're something people would buy only if they had the money. Pointless? Maybe that is harsh. But they are definitely a way to spend $25 on something that isn't needed and will collect dust. Actually, this version was so popular in that it is already sold out. They've got another model.

The Doodle Bear is another goofy one that is very popular. I thin…

Armchair Traveling

I can't believe the date already. I figured it out reading this post about Sinterklaas on the NCP Author's Blog. Anita Verkerk is one of the author's at NCP and she lives in the Netherlands. Posts like this are why I enjoy the Internet. Surfing around gives me a chance to see what else is going on in the world and learn about things I wouldn't otherwise know.

Then there are Gregg's pics of Lisbon. I haven't been off North America, so pics like this are interesting to me. When I travel I'm likely to stop by churches too. I've visited a few interesting ones over the years. Nearly two years ago when I first moved down this way I went up to Virginia City and took pictures of St. Mary's in the Mountains. I've been a member of VirtualTourist for over 3 years because I really do enjoy reading about other places and seeing images. It helps that I'm a photography nut. I've got over 1000 pics on VT, though I haven't been as active on there thi…