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Showing posts from November 27, 2005

King Kong

Last night I watched an interview on Dateline with Peter Jackson, most famous of being the director of the LOTR trilogy. This interview was because of the imminent release of an updated King Kong. It was fascinating to see what inspires people. He talked about being 9 and loving the original movie so much he knew what he wanted to become when he grew up. He said he got a camera and made his own movie, even cutting up his mother’s stole for hair for his King Kong. These days he owns original models from the 1933 King Kong. He was holding this tiny King Kong with a sort of reference that was unmistakable. It made me think he’s kind of a fanatic. That’s good. And, I think it shows in the quality of his work. During the interview he said something about making the movies he loves, not trying to guess what people would watch.

Conversely, I saw Charleze Theron on TV saying she had no idea when she was a kid growing up in South Africa she’d end up in movies. It made me wonder if it is her lac…

The Commute Excitement

The excitement the night before last was that I was listening to KBUL (country) on the drive to work (which is when everyone else is going home) and they have a contest so I called on my cell phone (I was the passenger). I was the first person with the answer so they played the whooping and hollering track and then asked me something like, "So, what are you going to be doing on Saturday?"

The answer to this should have been something like -- "Go to the comedian that you're giving me tickets to go see!" But, instead my answer was, "I'm working."

The DJ asked, "Then why did you call?"

"I knew the answer."

I had no idea what the contest was about. I just heard the question. Needless to say I didn't win. They HUNG UP on me without saying goodbye. Once in my life I am the first caller with the answer and the DJ hangs up on me. I laughed about that one.

They probably would have hung up twice if they knew that I mostly didn't kno…

Robbin' Food

I came home from work this morning and read the article in Romance Writer’s Report that there were about 20 people who wrote RWA and said it was unfair that people who hadn’t paid for the RWA conference (but attended anyway) were billed after-the-fact. I might have to stay a member of RWA! I came home pretty crabby and it gave me something to laugh about.

The reason I was in a crabby mood to begin with had to do with more thievery. Someone stole my lunch at work. I went to bed for all of 4 hours (tired today) and woke up and was on the couch watching Robin Hood, the version with Uma Thurman as maid Marian (but wishing I could fall back asleep). I was siding with the Sheriff of Notthingham. This isn’t really normal for me. But, last night I was the rich land baron and the lunch-looter was Robin Hood commandeering my lunch for their poor stomach. I guess that made everything just fine and dandy. They were hungry. Just like someone would justify that not paying for the RWA conference bec…


Last night at work I saw a toy that sparked the neurons that belonged at one time to the child I once was. Gazillion Bubbles! I love bubbles! At first I thought it was a water bottle, actually. I had the best of intentions of writing a blog post. But, got distracted watching Cellular and missed that window of opportunity. Back to work now. That movie had a cool vanity plate for a lawyer, IL SU YU 2.