Friday, November 25, 2005

Funny News

I saw on the news that a 16-year-old managed to drive his new truck into the Truckee River (no pun intended, he really drove his truck into the Truckee). He said he swerved to avoid a vehicle leaving Baldini's casino. I am just familiar enough with the area to wonder how in the heck he could manage this! This kid crossed a median, drove another 100+ yards or so crossing two lanes of on-coming traffic, left the road and drove uphill through shrubbery another 100 feet or so, hit the rocks at the top which somehow got him airborne and he ended up flying through the air quite a distance too. This link may work for a picture for a few days. If you don't get to this before that photo is moved from the newspaper's website, just assume his new truck is toast. He reported to police that he was under the influence of marijuana at the time, and that he "may have" hit the gas instead of the brakes. I really don't believe in taking it easy on people that drive under the influence because he could have killed someone if he was that out of control of his vehicle. Yet at the same time, I think he learned a lesson incarceration won't teach him.

The other story hit the news with little fanfare, but it's a real eye opener. The news discussed a drug deal gone bad in Carson City. Some drug dealers were trying to sell some guy sugar rather than meth. The drug user figured it out and backed out. But the drug dealers saw his wad of cash and got other ideas and an altercation resulting in the guy getting shot (in the butt if I recall). This is about all the news reported. A few days later on talk radio, callers reported that a congregation in Carson City was trying to distance themselves from their new pastor after he got shot in a drug deal.

Along these lines. If the world were perfect, a pastor would be up for a moral leadership award. But not here. The nominee this year was a marketing director of a casino. This person is probably very nice. I don't begrudge them their commercial success. Yet, at the same time, didn't it occur to anybody on the nomination committee that it is this person's lot in life to figure out how to appeal to the unmoral aspects of humanity? One casino in town advertises that people should stop off for free drinks and cheap appetizers on their way home from work. After all, it is to a casinos benefit to get alcoholics in the door on pay day! Woot! Woot!

Then again, maybe the bad karma is cancelled out with all the good decisions they make too? Casinos are looking out for the people that can handle their booze and gambling too. The benefit to the non-drinking public whose cars get rammed in casino parking garages is all the surrveillance. The first time my brother witnessed a drunk take a wide corner in a narrow parking garage and destroy a Jaguar, when the drunk got out and tried to bribe him into not reporting it to the police, my brother pointed at the security camera.

I found a short movie on human values today. It's linked to behind the image of the dog and cat.

Here are a few posts I've seen recently that lead to strange tidbits elsewhere in the world.

  • Fellow NCP author Anita Verkerk describes a Smurf
  • Cheating Hubby Exposed By Parrot -- There are some interesting lamp images on this blog. They're kind of like the leg lamp in the movie Christmas Story.

Completely changing the subject...

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yeti and Memories

The other day I posted a picture of Denali, and one of the comments was about mountain climbing so I got to thinking about Mount Everest and Nepal in general... which includes Yeti. So these topics were on my mind. Later today I found a post where an author Kendra is using the idea of space-traveling Yeti in a NaNoWriMo novel.

I use yeddi (formidable looking scavengers on Zackson X) in Starlit Destiny. The creatures pop up again in the sequel and play a slighly larger role. It got me thinking about world-building. Why do I have yeti in my writing? Part of the fascination with the abominable snowman is due to Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Mostly the day's thoughts revolved around how at one point in my life I really wanted to climb Denali and Everest. In Everest's case, in part to look for yeti! When I was a child I lived in Talkeetna, Alaska and having Denali on the horizon looking like it needed climbing was part of that motivation. As for Mount Everest, climbers that came to Talkeetna were full of stories of far-off lands. My parents shared with me a love of traveling from early on, so asking about places like Nepal was fasciating. They also shared with me a love of reading, so I sought out books about creatures like Yeti. I used to wish I'd be the one that found the proof the world needed!

My next door neighbor was one of those more famous climbers who spent much of his life climbing the largest peaks in the world. He died in 1979 on Mt. Everest. It's over 26 years ago and I can recall the moment I heard the news very clearly. Thought of this today as well because it was today John F. Kennedy was killed 42 years ago. I wasn't alive then though. This next door neighbor was not exactly a world leader, but he is someone I will recall the length of my life with awe. He spent his life doing those things most of us are afraid of. He shared his enthusiasm with others.

If climbing Mt. Everest, or proving yeti exist is on your list of things to-do, you can list that at

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Interesting Image

I found an interesting image today... Universal Rage. Try to write more later. But I want to save this one. Interesting artwork on the website in general.