10 Amazing Polyglots You Won't Believe

10 Amazing Polyglots You Won't Believe Published on Jun 22, 2017
A polyglot is a person who is able to speak many languages. Some polyglots seem to have a knack for picking up languages that is little short of breath-taking. Some people who speak multiple languages are already famous, whilst others became famous for their incredible linguistic abilities. Here is our list of ten amazing polyglots. (They have a mixture of modern and historical polyglots on the list.)

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A French polyglot practicing 24 languages - YouTube Video

A French polyglot practicing 24 languages

1) 00:27 French
2) 01:09 German
3) 02:14 English
4) 03:09 Latin
5) 04:27 Spanish
6) 05:32 Portuguese
7) 06:50 Italian
8) 07:58 Modern Greek
9) 08:54 Finnish
10) 09:50 Swedish
11) 10:44 Hungarian
12) 11:57 Czech
13) 12:55 Polish
14) 14:31 Russian
15) 15:48 Arabic
16) 17:20 Turkish
17) 18:06 Hindi
18) 19:20 Indonesian
19) 20:32 Mongolian
20) 21:49 Vietnamese
21) 22:53 Cantonese
22) 24:15 Korean
23) 25:18 Japanese
24) 26:58 Mandarin Chinese
25) Hebrew... (different video)
26) Persian... (different video)

"Hi! In this video, I am practicing most of the languages I've studied so far. I am not very good at speaking many of them and actually I am not a 'hyperpolyglot' as one could expect in reading the title of the video. I am just a monolingual fond of learning various foreign languages. Your comments and suggestions written in various languages are very welcome. Thanks a lot!"

The Harmony of Listening & Reading in Language Learning - Polyglot Progress

"Today Matt discusses the benefits which come from reading and listening simultaneously in language learning!"

An interesting video with Math from Polyglot Progress talking about listening and reading in language learning. My thoughts are a lot like his. About the only thing that I would add, is that I also like to watch Russian videos on YouTube that have accurate subtitles (not automated).

I'm positive that what he says helped me increase my vocabulary and listening comprehension. When I find a video at YouTube that I understand well, it's always contains a lot of words and phrases about a topic I've read and read and read and read some more about. For instance... I understand Russian videos about languages and grammar. I can listen to these kinds of videos nearly without referring to subtitles these days. But if I were to watch a movie about geckos, I'd end up needing much more help. I thought of geckos because of this collection at Zazzle. I'm not r…

Create Your Own Star Pattern Pillows

Decorative and customizable star pattern throw pillows. You can change the background color to your favorite color. The sample features a black and white star pattern.

Black and White Stars Throw Pillow
by pillows4you

Here I changed the background color to red...

Red and White Stars Throw Pillow

Here are white stars against a navy or midnight blue...

Midnight Blue and White Stars Throw Pillow

Navy White Stars Throw Pillow
by pillows4you

Russian Grammar: Gender in Russian

A Russian grammar video about the gender of nouns presented in Russian, but with some English subtitles to help people understand the video. I am one of those learners that enjoys watching grammar videos in my target language. I see people suggest we study the grammar of our target language from within our own language. I prefer to hear the information in Russian. However, I do watch plenty of Russian grammar related videos that I've found in English on YouTube too!

If you're looking for a Russian-English dictionary that includes information such as the gender of the noun, and the accent, check out the Compact Oxford Russian Dictionary. I own one myself and use it regularly.There are plenty of options when it comes to dictionaries, but this one has a great reputation.

Russian Grammar А0 Playlist on YouTube

A playlist full of Russian grammar videos. They are beginning level grammar topics for Russian learners. As of posting this, I've just started the playlist. I'm saving this among my own resources so I can make sure to see them again should I want to brush up on some grammar topics. By the way, the video I saw was entirely in Russian. These videos aren't the best place to start for brand new learners in the Russian language. As for myself, I started watching videos entirely in Russian fairly early in my own study.

Wonder Woman Posters at

In their Wonder Woman merchandise store over at Zazzle they have classic Wonder Woman comic book covers, artwork and photography from the brand new movie on a variety of products. Actually, I noticed they don't have many of the classic comic book covers on posters. But you can find them on other products. I created a poster collection because, if I were to buy a product myself... it would be one of these.

Wonder Woman Posters
by Annalee Blysse

Memorabilia these days can be customized. I am not sure what that'll do to the pawn shops trade in the distant future, but for now it's sure a lot of fun to create your own gifts! The Wonder Woman store at Zazzle is full of classic comics images and covers, along with photography from the brand new movie!