Monday, July 10, 2017

Red White and Blue Fireworks

Red White and Blue Fireworks

For the last few weeks I tried another theme... but let's move back to an older theme at Blogger. I like this effect from the Vinci app on fireworks in downtown Reno, Nevada. It really brought out the red, white and blue. I'm behind where most of the spectators are.

Customizable Photo License Plate Frames at Zazzle

This weekend, Zazzle released a new product like. Customizable license plate holders or frames! This one I've set up with a swimming pool photo so that you can create your own "I Love Swimming" or "I Heart Diving" message. You could delete the heart text symbol and create a #1 Swimming Team message. The photo is a bright blue photo of a swimming pool.

Below you'll find a photo license plate frame with a place to customize with a name. The sample photo features a purple and blue galaxy cluster, but you can use your own image.

Fireworks Thank You Card

Create you own personalized thank you card after a party on New Year's Eve or the 4th of July, or some other special event with a fireworks theme. This photo has the Sangria filter in the system applied. You can try one of the other colorful overlays. From an original photo of a fireworks display over Washington DC on the 4th of July. But you could change the text with a year and create a Happy New Year card with this theme.

I think the Miami overlay filter with it's hot pink and blue ombre colors would be really pretty with this photo as well.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Sierra Rock Painted by Vinci App

Sierra Rock Painted by Vinci App

Sierra Rock Painted by Vinci App

The Vinci app created this fun coloring for a mountainside on the Sonora Pass Highway in California. Pretty oranges and teals.

The final photo size is too small to create much more than a postcard at a site like Zazzle. I have some photo border postcard templates in my online store that can easily be adapted with a smartphone photo or artwork such as created by an app like Vinci.

Sierra Nevada Mountain - Vinci App

Sierra Granite - Vinci App

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Noticing Case Endings in the Slavic Languages

Steve Kaufman's information: "I find the case endings in Slavic languages tricky, so I decided to take action. I began tagging phrases according to their case endings while reading on LingQ. This way I can see these tags when I come across the phrase again, or I can see a list of all the examples I've collected when I click on a certain case tag. This kind of concentrated study will help me to get to grips with this feature of the Slavic languages."

I use LingQ, and I have been adding phrases with the different Russian cases when I come across them in reading. I do create the LingQs with accurate definitions that work for my learning style. But, the only review I do is when I encounter the LingQ in another article, book or podcast that I'm reading. Most of the time when I run across the phrase again, I can immediately recognize it. To me it seems like just the process of creating the LingQ phrase and setting the translation in the definition was enough. I'm definitely not a LingQ user that worries that much about cycling through the options from 1 to known. If I am really comfortable hearing the combination, I just mark it as known.

One of the things that I do off LingQ is come up with sentences for these phrases that pertain to my own life. I have a language learning notebook that I fill with sentences, words, and exercises I'm working on from various course or grammar books that I known. It's not one of those organized bullet journals people swear by. Instead I just fill notebooks with stuff I want to learn. I discovered over time, I don't really need to review. It just works out that if I don't know a word, I'll eventually get around to writing about it again with new sample sentences. Just last week I took a phrase with a specific case ending, and filled a page in my notebook with sentences that apply to my own life.

California Grizzly - Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 30

An interesting video (California Grizzly - Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 30 ) about the history of grizzly bears in California and Yosemite from the Yosemite National Park YouTube channel.

There were an estimated 10,000 grizzly bears in California in 1850, and less than 75 years later, there were none. Yosemite's past is filled with stories of this magnificent animal.

Customizable products with the flag of the state of California.

For English learners wanting to improve their listening skills, this video has accurate subtitles that you can copy into Google Translate into your language.

Для учащихся, изучающих английский язык, которые хотят улучшить свои навыки слушания и узнать историю медведей гризли в штате Калифорния и Национальный парк Йосемити, в этом видео есть точные субтитры, которые вы можете скопировать в Google Translate на свой язык.

Para los estudiantes de inglés que desean mejorar sus habilidades de escucha y aprender sobre la historia de los osos grizzly en el estado de California y el Parque Nacional Yosemite, este video tiene subtítulos precisos que puede copiar en Google Translate en su idioma.


Annalee Blysse sent you a video: "Keeping Up With More Than One Foreign Language | Ployglot Routine"

A video by a young polyglot livluvlang talking about how she studies Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I want little blank notebooks like she has! They're more leaflets than a notebook. Maybe a week of studies could fit in one little book. I could look a little harder around town. I never saw little notebooks that size at my favorite store ... WalMart. They do have some composition and exercise books for sale at Amazon in the Office Products and School Supplies areas of their site. I'll add a link to the comment section.